3 row suv choices


Been looking for a 3 row suv for my wife as her lease expires. We do not want to buy out the lease so we are looking for purchase the next vehicle. We have looked at the palisade and Highlander. Does anyone have any suggestions for us to consider. This again is a purchase so looking for long term reliability and a good overall value. Thanks for any input.


After having a palisade for a while and looking at the highlander for my wife, I’d get the palisade by a mile. It’s going to be a much better purchase than lease though.

Ultimately, you’re talking about two different size classes of suvs though if need a useful 3rd row or cargo storage. The highland is tiny.


A bit unrelated, but why are you immediately against the idea of leasing (with the intention of purchasing at the end)? In some cases, that would prevent the best overall deal.

What do you like about the Palisade over the highlander. We just chose the opposite, The Palisade to me was not as refined and loud on the highway, and super gimmicky with the tech

Sounds like a typical Hyundai. I wouldn’t buy one for the badge alone. points nose up into the air

Aesthetics aside, I haven’t driven one so I don’t want to speak too poorly of them. :joy:

I have highlmaders at msrp. Or lease around 600 tac tags inc depending on your state.

Text if interested.


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I have highlanders at MSRP with no fee.


If there are no incentives, you are just giving about an extra $1000 to the lender in form of acquisition and disposition, as well as extra sales tax

Way better tech experience (although yes, some of it is gimmicky), felt overall much higher quality, was significantly more roomy/better cargo area.

The tech experience and aesthetics aside, they’re simply in different classes based on available space. The highlander is significantly smaller when it comes to usable space.


what model did you drive? you have to get up in the highest tier for it to really shine. the highlander is an outdated model at this point.

We drove the highlander platinum and the palisade calligraphy. We did like the palisade but I do agree it felt gimmicky because they want to compete and I get that. The highlander was smaller but I will use it more for cargo space then people in the 3rd row anyway.

The reason for purchase is because right now the lease is almost the same as the purchase price and we plan to keep it for at lease 8-10 years.

We are open to other car brands if anyone has suggestions. Cx9 maybe? Pathfinder?

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The Highlander is not outdated. If anything it’s hybrid option is unique in this class and much more of a game-changing technology than any fancy UIUX in the infotainment system. Everyone I know prefers to use CarPlay or AA instead of the native system in any car.

@Lumberjack627 if you are ok with 6 seats in a 2+2+2 formation, also check out the Kia Sorento PHEV.

Fuel economy is a game changer not just for your own wallet but for resale value too.

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We will defiantly check that out this well thanks. We are open to anything really as king as it will las us some time.

Did you try looking at the Subaru Ascent? They aren’t much to look at but they’re highly rated. Resale for them is good even in normal times. Similar to the Palisade but a different look and feel inside and out is the Telluride, but wait times are at least 6 months which has caused their resale value to spike.

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We looked at the telluride and don’t like it as much as the palisade or highlander. Will look into the accent though thanks.

I think the CX9 is smaller. We were going to look at the Ascent if we continued to not be able to find a highlander. I would not go for the Pathfinder, I am not a fan of Nissan in general plus it is the 1st year. I also plan on keeping the highlander for a long time

Tesla Model Y 3 row? Tesla Model X?

I do not like Nissan either, just a thought of what other think as well. Cx9 is nice but I think the updated one next year with the v6 will be a lot better but we can’t wait a year unfortunately.

Have you looked at the Pilot? lots of space

We have not. I never even had Honda on my mind. I guess because years ago we when and looked at a pilot and they told me they had an amazing deal for me. $4000 down and $639 a month lease. This was in 2014. Left a really bad sour taste in my mouth to want to deal with them again. Will look and consider though.