🦄 '22 Mercedes EQS 24/12 497m, 1125 + MSDs DAS 105.5k MSRP

Is that a question or a statement? Sure sounds like an assumption.

One pay will save You around $100/m. MSDs another chunk of money.
Is this possible to get one pay and 10 MSDs?
@Calvin.MB can You help us here?

No. 1 Pay or MSD Not both


That also means opening a PenFed account today and deposit $5 may provide $3500 of incentives in the future

These are all truecar incentives. You can get thru anywhere

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Curious about what your thoughts are on taking a 7500 mile lease (knowing you’re going to go over) and paying the overage rather than opting for a 10k lease.

Also, I’d like to think that if I got into another Mercedes at lease end, maybe they would be more willing to “eat” the overage.

Do the math. What is the difference in net cost between the two options?

7500 is cheaper ofc, and at .25/mile, for a 24 going to 10k thats 1%, which is at least 1050 in depreciation, or 1250 in mileage overage.

Alt. 10k vs 12k makes financial sense and more flexible in a sense.

I did 10k since this will become our main road trip vehicle and I was fine with the numbers at 24/10k.

Do the math to go from 7.5k to 15k lease…

I’ve done the math and it’s basically a wash. With that being said, I was thinking there would be a possibility that a dealer may eat the overage down the road if I were to get into another Mercedes at lease end.

Really just thinking hypothetical since there’s no risk involved and basically the same total cost.

24/7.5k> 15k = 15k overage, 4% rv drop equal to 4200 for a base Msrp, 16,800 miles equivalent. Worth.

Over mileage penalty is .25*15000=3750 plus tax. Still cheaper

Also, it give you the OPTION. If you don’t end up driving the full 15k miles per year, you come out ahead

I do not think anyone wants to be there and pay for mandatory 40k miles service. Not mentioning about tires wear.

24m lease. Won’t hit that level

Agree . I lost that part LOL

No EA charging spots within an hour of my house. Is that the only way to get the free charging that they offer?


Free Charging with ChargePoint as well but those don’t have many L3 chargers.

I don’t think it’s free. I think it’s just part of Mercedes’ me.

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That’s what the rep who set up the ChargePoint thing said but he could have been confusing it with EA.