2025 Toyota Camry and Crown Signia

I would have liked to see these offered as PHEVs. Maybe the Prime versions are upcoming.

Basically I want the new Prius Prime - which is the a very good looking car IMO - with more space. So maybe a 10-15% larger Prius Prime.

I think that’s the sweet spot between EVs and ICE cars, and Toyota is well positioned to own that.

I loved my Avalon

Speaking of the gym and classic commercials, for those of you that lived in LA back in the day you will recall this one:

I love the Crown Signia, if they have to call it a mid-size SUV to get it to sell, so be it.


The road noise is too loud in the Camry especially on highway. Toyota try to be cheap by not adding more insulation in the door or around the vehicle, but I can’t compare a car to a full size suv.

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It was an SE with Nightshade package I think. Non-fleet types would have to pay $29K

I test drove the Prius Prime recently at the Austin EV Expo. Surprisingly liked it and when I returned back to my Camry SE rental it was like driving a clunky tractor.

It’s a Toyota. You want quiet on the highway… buy another brand.

Looks like the embargo lifted on ALL the reviews for the Crown Signia today, ngl I like it! wagon-yness lines with Toyota’s fairly decent hybrid set up. I’m interested.

It looks nicer or at least more wagon esque in the still photos — I didn’t like it as much in the Throttle House video

Looks like a venza. Not sure where this fits into the lineup. Toyota needs to cut some models and focus on what sells…

It replaces the Venza.

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Seems nice, but $45k starting price, yikes.

Looks like a generic toyota. I’m sure it’ll be miserable to drive, underpowered, and have an interior thats plasticky and dated, yet it’ll sell fine and be totally adequate, yet uninspiring, transportation that holds its value reasonably well.


Exactly what around half the country wants.

I didn’t realize the venza is gone bc I still have some in allocation. They didn’t sell very well and these prob won’t either. They should stick to perfecting the rav and grand highlander. Don’t need anything inbetween really

Which is perfect for me, b/c I’m actually pretty interested in the Crown Signia (and am hoping for some big discounts…). I like wagons. :slight_smile:

Press embargo was lifted yesterday, and initial reviews have been decently positive (very comfortable, decently luxurious, boring but not horrible to drive).

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I think you’re probably right…I feel like they’re doing a bad job of marketing this. I’m certain some Subaru Outback owners would switch out their aging wagon for this. It’s boring, economical, reliable, spacious and practical - everything they love about their Outback! If Toyota had pitched it as a ‘lifestyley wagony thingy’ then I think it could do quite well. Instead I dont really know how they’re marketing it? kind of a fancy RAV4 maybe?

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Me too, but this just isn’t wagon-y enough

GL getting any of those loyalists to change brands

I agree, but it’s the closest we’re getting at the cheapest price (aside from Subarus).

I’d totally buy an Outback, if they lowered about 2 inches or so and gave it a hybrid engine and a nicer interior, and got rid of all the off-roady crap that I don’t need.

I know there must be, like, only 4 other people in this entire country that feel the same way.

Apparently, the Crown Signia will support some sort of EV-only mode for “short distances.” I’ll def be interested in hearing more about that b/c my round trip daily commute is 6 mi.

I’d also be interested in the next gen A5, but I think the PHEV might be a “performance” model, like the current Q5e (bleh).

The EV mode is only for slow parking lot driving, under 15 mph. My Highlander Hybrid has this. @max_g Its more wagon like in the cargo area, it’s lower top to bottom, but longer. Unfortunately it’s all we get.

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