2025 BMW M5 Wagon!

Ya was more referring to m3 or rs4 variants which are sport sedans

If you think cars with 0 steering feel and feedback are “sports cars” man I suggest you drive a MX5 or even a 124


Maaazda has the best steering for the money

Wagons will hold value over time especially if they produce in limited numbers. Check out this one on BAT! Scroll through the listing to see the classic article posted.

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Hello surprise fraternal twin :heart_eyes::peach:



There’s our star

Hurry TF up so you can pound my wallet too :credit_card:


I want one too… :joy:

hey arnold nicksplat GIF

May be the first BMW wagon in their history that does nothing for me.


Only thing it does is weigh as much as an Escalade.


Weight or no weight, these unicorns will sell in embarrassingly low numbers just like the E63 AMG. Part BMW strategy, part US car buying reality.

In Europe wagons sell well and there are far fewer SUVs and crossovers, but here the wagon die hards are just too few now to make any significant dent in that SUV/crossover world.

The new i5 wagon came out, which I’m sure is going to look very similar the M5 wagon. Apparently it’s in showrooms now.

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When is @z0lt3c going to dump his aging and rickety i5 hair dryer to get a i5 wagon?

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*in Europe

Please temper the false hope on this side of the pond.


Your heart skipped a few beats when you read that, don’t lie

Rumour has it there are a few Eurospec models floating around a NNJ office complex :wink:

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Especially since I may be in the market for a new long roof sooner than planned.

If I can’t lease one, they don’t exist.