2025 4runner early leak

Personally as a 5th gen 4runner trd pro owner. This new design looks predictable but lazy.


It’s crazy how much nicer the wordmark grille front is vs. the logo grille.


Oh what a time to be a Toyota dealer!

It feels like we’re back in the halycon days of 90s with Toyota designs and the vehicles they’re putting out. Whomever is in charge of their designs is knocking it out of the park.


It is busy, but I rather like it.

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I don’t hate it
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That looks SLICK. Excited to not have to pick between resale value and having a proper interior fit for this decade


high 20’s mpg with the hybrid, maybe?

I assume it will be hard to get one of these. But apparently MY24 Taco are going under MSRP,… we can dream , right?

Highly unlikely on a refreshed model, especially for the higher trims. The Pro, for example, has never really had insane discounts (on any model).

The current Taco design is also from what what? 2016??

Feedback is mixed bag on forums. I like the interior the exterior for trd pro isnt rugged enough vs 5th gen. Maybe once I see one in person, my mind will be swayed. However based on precedent of tundra release. The 5th gen will hold or slightly increase in value. Might be worth an upgrade in a year when most kinks get worked out. Due to price increases & high interest you will be able to get one for msrp within 6 months of release date.

I might take this over my incoming Land Cruiser depending on how much cheaper it gets priced…

This is just what I expected. Hopefully ill have them at invoice!


24 Tacomas are getting maybe 500-1000 off but most dealers still at msrp. I’m doing invoice out west and 1k under invoice on most in the east and they’re sellling very well for me at those prices.


Not crazy about the front, too similar to the taco. Overall I like the design, doesn’t depart too much from 5th gen.

But the stupid plastic skirt on the Limited is straight up hideous. I know they did the same on the new taco but this is just offensive. Don’t think a vehicle would ever come out of Tahara plant with something as gross as that – it just screams “ah hell with it, lets bolt on this damn thing to help our EPA numbers”

A little robotic looking but I like it! Interior still looks 10+ years old but who knows

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I’ll take 5k off a 3rd gen!

Everyone is taking that off. Super simple apparently…

They should have left those black fenders on the bz4x


Contrasting fenders need to go. Why do people think this is appealing.

Not a huge fan either but I think it’s for off-roading as it doesn’t scratch maybe? Not like 75% of people leave the pavement tho…