2024 XC90 B6 Plus Bright 7 seater

Hello. Looking for some feedback regarding my XC90 lease deal:

19454 in PA

MSRP 66810
sale price 58431


residual 55%? that seems wrong should be 58% ?

MF .00176 = 4.22%

says payments are $922.23 36months $911.25 for 24 months and 68% residual for the 24 months

these numbers do not add up for me! HELP!

PS I am going to talk to “the finance guy” to see how he came up with the numbers.

Any feedback so appreciated


You should not be talking to anyone before discussing here and knowing what your target is.


Really? I didn’t know that so now I’m sunk?

Which means what, you’ve signed a contract?


what incentives are available ?
i am missing 4K in incentives to get to the 650 a month payment on a 24 month lease.10k miles

Nothing signed at all

I currently have a 2021 XC90 with 52K miles paid for 36K so I have to deal with that too

Sept - Dec payments left

Just take the numbers they gave you and go home and think about it. Don’t try to figure out if you’re getting a good deal while sitting in the F&I office at the dealership. If you like the car today, you’ll still like it tomorrow. But you’ll have a better sense for what you should pay for the car tomorrow. They’ll try to keep your butt in that seat, but just go home and have a look around at other deals that are available for similar cars.

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Is there an official Volvo pull-ahead in play here, or did the dealer say something vague like “we’ll cover your remaining payments”?

Do yourself a favor and see what @AutoCompanion has got.

Should be something like this (correct the tax rate and select 10 MSDs, if you can afford). The discount is a very reasonable 8% off.
36 months

24 months

@trism there is pull ahead, so there should not be any remaining payments rolled in.

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Yes pull ahead in play until Thursday and then owe another payment.

I also said 000 so no money down vs the 1810 down in the calculator - maybe I would do first month…

I appreciate all your input too

I thought 12% off MSRP was more than fair as well

If that includes factory-to-dealer cash then it’s not really 12% off.

Just check/un-check corresponding boxes for taxes and fees to make it first month DAS. 8% is fair, 10% is the target, 12% is awesome. As Max said - all these before $3,250 lease cash and loyalty. Also check if you qualify for a-plan through your employer or maybe for other affiliate.
P.S. 24 months is the way to go, obviously.

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Thanks so much. This has been awful.

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end of summer bonus 2500
volvo loyalty 1000 and
a 1500 friend discount
"another 3379 off’ totaling 8379 msrp 66810-8379 gives the 58431 selling price

are the ‘incentives’ they are calculating not in the right place in the calculator? Im trying to see why
922 for 36/15 and 911 for 24/15

I. need 15k could maybe squeak 12k

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oh and also my “pull ahead” for my last payments of my current lease - sept 21/oct 21/nov 21/dec 21

The calculator I posted is based on the DMV discount (@AutoCompanion) because it has higher incentives: $3,250 + $2,000 vs. $2,500 + $1,000. Even if you don’t go with Autocompanion, shop in MD/VA.

Your remaining payments don’t matter - they are waived when you do pull-ahead and lease a new Volvo.

Don’t you lose loyalty with pull ahead?

Not anymore, for a couple of years from what I understand.

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thank you so much. MD VA isn’t available for me I have a Beverly disabled son its too far

They can ship for like $300-400, and you can still save a lot.