2024 XC90 B6 Plus Bright 7 seater

Oh ok! Thats different!!

Hi! what is the 3250 incentive and the 2000 incentive?
Thank you

$3,250 lease bonus cash and $2,000 loyalty. But again: this is for mid-Atlantic region, does not apply to PA and up north.

Ok thank you

No clue where in PA you are but try Bill Kidd’s in Maryland. Pretty easy to get to from anywhere in PA as it’s right off 83. Koons is also close to PA but with the Asbury acquisition looming they’re likely not as focused on selling.

Easiest way to get the better incentives and no need to pay for shipping. They have pretty aggressive discounts advertised on their site.

Thank you so very much! I will call there

If you just call and ask for a quote it’s going to be a terrible deal. Familiarize yourself with the multiple data points here and make offers or just use autocompanion and skip the hassle.

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Yes got it. Thanks so much. Already their posted deal online is better than the deal I have on the table now!

Do you have the autocompanion contact info?

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Thank you!!

Even if their internet discount includes purchase cash and loyalty, it’s still 10%+ on a seemingly low mileage loaner. If it’s pure dealer discount, this one should be a sweet deal.


They have other loaners with similar discounts. Almost tempting but I drive way too much to lease and love XC60 T8.

Don’t forget mileage penalty that eats into any discount.

Even factoring that in, extreme potential for hacks from their loaners. That one has 3300 miles and that seems to be on the high end

Yes thanks so much This dealer is making me pay separate from the deal. So if I can get a good discount I can roll it in

Are you saying I can still get a good deal even with the overage?

Not sure what you mean by “paying separately from the deal”.
Mileage penalty in my post refers to loaners only and it reduces RV. If you lease for 15k miles and drive for 35k over 2 years, you will be charged overage at $0.20/mile over allowed 30k.

Dealer told me I have to pay Volvo 4100 for the r mile overage separate from my lease deal. Or they can roll it all in for about $130 more a month!!!

That is for my current leased xc90 that I am over miles

Do not roll in, Volvo will charge you directly. Also - if you are 20k miles over, the leasing is not for you. Or you can get 18 or 20K Volvo lease, but that will be painful.

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