2024 Toyota Tacoma patent image reveal

2024 Toyota Tacoma patent images revealed. Looks like mini Tundra.


24 tacoma vs ev concept


There’s only so many shapes a truck can have unless you want it to look like elons monstrosity or a rivian which is pretty bad too. I’m happy the grill isn’t enormous though.


Its not the overall silhouette that jumps out to me, it’s all the details. Headlights have the same basic taper with identical horizontal drl strips at top and bottom. Same squared off wheel openings. Same horizontal body line across the side panels. Same c pillar kick up in the side glass. Etc

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No more V6 and hybrid option coming.

The 3.5 is lack luster compared to the 4.0 on 4runners and older tacomas. Its same engine in current highlanders.

Is this supposed to be all new? Looks like a mid cycle refresh of the current one.

A “mid cycle” refresh after 8 years would be very on par for a Toyota body on frame vehicle


I just wish the MT stays alive

Yea its brand new. Toyota does not change much even on redesign.

I want to see what new 4runner will look like. My trd pro is great but the redesign was supposed to be out in 2022.

With new design comes even higher prices! Tundra went up like 10k with the new design. I’m sure some of that was increased costs too but not sure how much more people can squeeze out.

Very interested in what they do with the 4Runner. Hopefully we see something on that soon.

In Toyota’s defense, I would argue that Nissan “borrowed” many of the design elements from the Tacoma. The Taco has been a seller for years, especially outside of the US market.


I still think there’s only so much you can do to differentiate design on a pickup before you start alienating customers. So al small pickups look similar. Ford tried with the maverick and I think it’s super ugly.


I think that is being generous. I’m generally not a fan of Ford’s pickup aesthetics anyway.

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I kind of like the idea of maverick. Cheap 20k aussi ute thing that gets 40mpg. Looks are subjective.

I love the idea. But they’re selling for the price of a decent small pickup. If it was actually 20k or whatever it was a smart deal. I’m all for a corolla pickup! I’ll sell the shit out of them haha

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It will be basically a mini Tundra.

It’s about time tho. The current gen has gotten so stale already .


Sequoia, Tundra, etc all changed as much as every other manufacturer.