2024 Mustang - same same, but different

Manual dropped on base/ecoboost. Power supposedly up across the range.

Exterior gets a refresh, interior gets a new dash that looks like and A-Class + Camaro mashup.

A coupe of hooligan features like remote rev for the automatic and a drift stick e-brake. This is going to work out great leaving cars and coffee.

Probably the last gas mustang. Maybe the last coupe version.


Kinda of let down. I remember when I saw the S550 mustang for the first time, I really thought it was the most perfectly designed car in the world. This isn’t as pretty.

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23 hasn’t even came out but they showing the 24 lmao :rofl:

New edge mustang best body style they made up to date


Why is that the Americans are making cars that actually look like cars but Germans are producing whatever?

New interior is AGES ahead the current gen. Also remote revving :joy:

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What’s the manual transmission? Finally a Tremec or still that other thing?

Yea, there’s something about that front end that is unsettling. I think it’s how the top of the headlights across to the hoodline all appear to be a sort of straightline. Kind of has a unibrow look, which makes it looks like it’s got a big forehead or something.

I really loved the 2015 / S550, thought it was a fantastic redesign. 9 years later, this is a bit of middling exterior refresh. Though the interior definitely looks to have moved into the current decade, so I’ll give them that, even if it looks like Camaro meets A-Class.


Love the interior. Will come around the to the exterior.

Only thing I don’t like about my 22 is the tech/dash mainly because I have been so impressed with the other Fords I’ve owned this year.

This is a nice refresh and it’ll look stunning on the road. Usually the Shelby’s are a year behind so I’m curious if they’ll put another blower one or go electric assist.

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Totally agree. The interior is awesome - especially for a pony car. This is on my list as a potential purchase, as long as the pricing makes sense. With it being the Mustang, I don’t think Ford has much of a choice but to keep it reasonable.

Interior is a move in the right direction for sure but still looks kinda dated below the screens. Strange to how they can’t figure it out. A civic that came out a year or two ago shouldn’t have a substantially better interior than this coming out 2-3 years later.

I guess I don’t understand this concept of why a pony car has to have a dated looking interior. I guess they just have so much inherent demand the companies don’t really care or don’t want to risk it on a bold change.

I wonder if the hood still vibrates above 70mph

I’m really impressed with the car!
Somehow they managed to make a Audi RS Mustang BMW M 1LE?? I think the digital dash is the best part, looks very similar to BMWs iDrive 8. Might have to pick this one up assuming no ADM…

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A+ thread title.

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Nothing Same Same all different.
Love it.


Dark Horse looks nice

Now Dodge your turn
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You didn’t see their car? It meows :cat:

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Idk man, they remove a bunch of buttons and glued some thick bezeled 2010 spec iPads to the dash. Adjusting climate control with a screen is whack. Rest of the interior is a horrible parts bin special. Center console, door panels, trim and buttons are all cheap leftovers from 1 and 2 generations ago. Same chassis and engines as before. Really low R&D investment as I’m sure they were too busy with the Mach E and lightning to care about this dying segment.

Lots of people at Avis and Hertz are going to be disappointed and confused when getting in.

not terrible, and pretty amazing its going to have close to 500hp from the factory. I still would rather have a Camaro htough