2024 Mazda CX90 PHEV Preferred 24/10 $52.4k MSRP, $384/mo incl taxes & fees $0 down

I think I did pretty well on this one? Total taxes and fees was deep, $3,453.97. Almost $13k in rebates at 8.81%. $384/mo includes all taxes and fees, first payment only at signing and no trade in. No incentives either, loyalty would have saved an additional $1k, lease to lease loyalty $2500. Planning to do another one shortly with the LTL loyalty.

Preferred AWD

Signed on



Denver County,


MSRP: $52,421

Monthly: $400 (added on tire and wheel cause we drive the mountains all year, and $199 maintenance package for oil & fluids)

Due At Signing Including taxes, fees, and any security deposit.: $0

Term: 24 months

Mileage: 10,000 miles / year

Effectively Total cost of lease divided by the total number of months, after accounting for all rebates and incentives.

$384 /mo.

Leasehackr Score Number of years it takes for the effective monthly payment to reach the MSRP. The higher the score, the better the deal.

11.4 years


Purchase Price: $49,321 (6% off MSRP)

Residual Value: $35,821 (68%)

Money Factor: 0.00282 (6.77% APR)

Rebate: $12,856 (EV Credits)


Very nice, what’s the breakdown on the incentives? Are there the CO specific incentives in there?

$5300 state EV incentive.

Nice! Great deal for Colorado where we don’t usually get those coastal-level discounts. Enjoy it! Makes me want to shop for CO incentivized PHEV options that might end up with positive equity. Way more likely than with the straight EVs.

Getting ready to sign on a second one, just waiting on vehicle delivery. Same terms as the one above but I’ll be able to stack the loyalty (lease to lease loyalty requires turn in on existing lease). Second lease will be ~$330/mo with zero down.

Agree on positive equity

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Taxes looks big on higher side. Ideally you should be paying taxes on capitalized cost ($12856) and whatever monthly payments is. Not sure how $3500+ number came. Can you help with breakdown

Did you explore one pay option, based on lease calculator, seems you can save another $2200+.

Do you know if your dealer can do one pay? I am interested in.

The $3500 is taxes and fees. Taxes is about half that in Denver.

I couldn’t get this dealer to do one pay, only McDonald was willing to consider one pay and they didn’t come close on price. The price negotiations on this was a pain in the ass. I had below $350/no in April. That car came if and had mechanical issues. I still have it reserved in case we double down on the CX90. A second until got fucked up when the car carrier ramp dropped on it. The signed deal was third go around with 7 different dealers.

Sent you a DM I’m interested in the Ioniq 5.

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After the rebates, the depreciation is only $644 for the lease period. That plus your rent charge somewhere around $2k means a you should be somewhere around ~$120/mo all in with sales tax. How are you getting close to $400/mo?