2024 Genesis GV70 Electric Deal Check...thoughts?

MSRP $75065
Rebate $17000
Adjusted price $58065
Doc fee $799
Tax $1361.93
Non Tax fees $1027.65
Net price $61253

Tax rate is 7% I believe.

Unclear what the MF is…

Gave me quotes for $878/month for a 36/10 (or 899/36/12 or 941/36/15)

The math doesn’t seem to add up unless their MF is crazy high or I’m doing the math wrong. Does this seem like a good deal?

For starters, you are getting 0 dealer discount.

Post your best attempt at the LH calculator for all to see.


Do 13 months/10k, aim for 10% dealer discount. Voila $250-300 monthly.

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Yeah they are not budging on the dealer discounts / have none to offer after I asked a few times.

I can’t get the LH calculator to work for reasons: Not sure how to split up the fees above to input into the calculator and idk what the MF is

Having current, accurate information for residual value, money factor, and incentives is important in understanding your deal. As such, going directly to a source that has access to that data from the captive banks is your best option.

Rate Findr has that information, as they have direct access to it from the captive banks. It’s a tool on the Leasehackr Calculator, available to Super Supporters.

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Probably closer to $400 on a $75K MSRP. You could get close to $300 on a $69K MSRP one.


I plugged some random TN zip codes into the Ratefindr and it did not bring up any subvented lease details and no lease details at all for 13mth leases.

Not sure what your timeline is but I had the same experience last month negotiating a GV60. Dealers were saying they don’t have room to discount much at all and regarded passing the EV bonus over as a the discount. [And if you check marketplace, Genesis dealer discounts are typically <5%. But then magically on the last day of the month, I found a dealer who would meet my price - ended up as an 11% dealer discount.

Also, if you have Costco (and qualify for competing brand conquest) and need to move sooner than the end of the month, you might look at the Cadillac Lyric - which looks very tasty for a deal this month.


Is it better if we do one pay for this 13 months lease?

Not sure the dealer will do 1 pay on a 13 month lease. If you find one who will, you can sacrifice some of the dealer discount and still come out ahead because of the generous MF reduction. Also has value on the 36 month leases which will be easier to find a dealer who will do a One Pay, but the initial outlay will be higher (because its 36 months of payments).

On my GV60 lease, I would have saved $80/mth. Here is the math based on last month’s MF/RV for my region:


Genesis does MSD?

They do a One Pay MF discount of 0.0009. It’s my generic spreadsheet I use for all models - so the MSD term is just there to show that it’s a reduced MF.

Interesting. Just did the same. Subvented programs and 13 month programs show up for my zip code but not for a TN zip.

I think we’re gonna go with a 36 month and the dealer wont budge on the discounts (just standard genesis rebate of 17k). For a 75k car, 800-900 / $30k isn’t terrible for a 3 year lease right?

This will be my first lease so just trying to make sure I’m not making a terrible decision.

It’s a lot more than I would want to spend but I am cheap. My GV60 lease (from 3 days ago) is $255/mth on a $54K vehicle. If you are set on the Genesis, you should expand your search to find a dealer willing to give a discount of any kind (or check the marketplace to level set where the deals are). And if you can find a decent discount, you should run the numbers for a 13 month lease.

In the end, the question is what else can you get for $900/mth? At that price, there are lots of other EV options.

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Unless you really want that Genesis now, You should negotiate more. For $900/month, I’ll take BMW iX or EQS. I will not take GV70 electrified more than $600/month, preferably less than $500 is fine. Check marketplace.

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Here! I did the homework for you!

Have you shopped other dealers? I’d walk away from this since there is no dealer discount. You need to stop asking dealers what they want you to pay and propose a deal to the dealer(s) that you will sign TODAY if they agree to it.

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Haven’t looked at other dealers as they don’t have any GV70s as they have no inventory

Have you tried out of state? Maybe you can save more there and even though you may have to pay for shipping you could still come out on top.