2024 Genesis GV70 Electric Deal Check...thoughts?

Also if there is no inventory in your area and only one dealer has them then is a good sign to shop somewhere else or just get another car.


Haven’t found any genesis dealers/brokers on the forum that deal with TN. Will be in the DFW area for a few days this weekend and was planning on checking some out there but idk if I can make a deal happen within 2-3 days.

Apologies if you have already answered, but is there a certain date by when you must have the vehicle? E.g. current lease expiring, someone’s birthday, etc. If not, what’s the harm in taking a step back and waiting for further discounts later in the month?

You can start negotiating with them now rather than waiting until you get there in person. Just search inventory in that area and request price of the vehicle to see if you can start negotiating now.

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A lot of Kia Hyundai DFW dealers I checked with don’t do out of state leases for some reason.

The GV70 also just isn’t available in some states? If you go to the configurator it gives you a list of eligible states. Mine isn’t on there, I don’t know if that means I can still hop across the border and get one?

A GV70 EV isnt worth 800/month. 400’s? Sure. Range is pretty bad on them, relatively speaking.

There are better EV options at that price point.

For what it’s worth, Genesis models typically lease terribly. To be clear, they’re nice cars and I’m not knocking the brand, but you’re probably going to find a much more attractive payment on a some of the GV70 competitors.

Quoted ~3% discount to MSRP and $17500 in rebates on advanced model (68,225 MSRP) in CA by broker. MF is .00219. Monthly with no DP is around $450 on 36/12. Seems like a great deal but trying to decide if I want to lease an expensive Hyundai.

Cali has some great deals on everything :frowning:

Do it! It’s a great car (having test driven)

Not sure if I should start my own deal check thread- this is my first time trying to do a lease.
I’ve been texting with a Genesis sales rep and this if the information I’ve received and tried to plugin to the calculator:

MF: 0.00252
Residual: 57%
Net Cap Cost: $47,841 (including $750 acquisition fee)
Total Monthly payments: $15,795
Option to purchase at lease end: $38,646

any new deals on this? NY based?