2024 bz4x xle awd

OK…First post, first brand new car, first lease…bare with me hopefully I can do this right…

2024 BZ4X AWD loaded except for guided path for the back-up camera, base
MSRP $45, 150
Factory installed options: $925
Port options: $709
processing & Delivery: $1350

Total $48, 134

It’s still in shipment will be here at the end of the month, $1000 to hold, $4000 DAS includes everything, tax, registration, all in…

Money factor: .0011
Residual: 19,91.60

Monthly payment - $271

This is RI it is $15,250 from Toyota and $500 new grad incentives and I added $1500.

How did I do?

36m? The das is a bit steep for my taste, as a 36-month lease this comes to ~400 effective. we highly recommend posting me before signing to gauge a deal so this is on the right track.

What sort of before incentive discount did you get, and did you check if anyone from the marketplace like @Jrouleau426 could match it even without the in-state incentive?

So it’s not too late to cancel?

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oh no…is it bad?

Probably not too late, I haven’t taken possession.

It was $15250 Toyota + 500 new grad

Can’t you find a much better car for that money?


Chevy blazer is def the better target IMO, easy enough to get a deal on right now too.


Thats what I thought Im going back tomorrow. I thought getting it down to $270 was good, but I did say that 24m was bs I should have stuck to my guns.

36 I mean

Terrible deal. Blazer EV can be had for under $5k total 24 months lease.

1st thumb rule: always ask before buying
2nd thumb rule: don’t ask after buying because once purchased, the opportunity for negotiation or inquiry has passed.

if you have slight chances of canceling, like others said, cancel it, you get lot better cars at sub $300 range.

By the way, which state you are?

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Rhode Island, What got me was the June deal was fire…ugh

You can get a rav prime se for around 425 or so. Thats too high for a bz. Needs to be discounted at least 3k before incentives. If you want a prime lmk, I don’t have any bz in the northeast unfortunately.

Theres not many left so the dealer might not negotiate down. Someone will pay it…

That would be lovely, but it’s out of my price range. I have to be sub 300. I don’t see any other Toyotas with incentives that high.

You’re not sub 300. You’re 400/mo. If you do 4k down on the prime you would be sub 300 also


Yeah, Im not going through with that deal. I’m going back tomorrow, The paper I signed said $260 then the second one said 271 - 302. I think 302 but if not 302 it was lower or I would have never signed it.

But he said “don’t worry about that we still have to put in the 500 grad $$” so I was side eyeing it.

Let me get my 1k back and back out of this deal and I will reach out again.


Are you in RI?

I have a few dealers in the northeast. Not in your state but close enough

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