2023 Xc60 lease?

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Hello, I need some help in deciding which offer would be the better offer.
They both agreed to zero out a current lease so no equity whatsoever

Dealer 1:
Sales Price: 50,XXX
MF: 0.00186
24/12 term
Dealer fee =799
Registration fees: 440
Monthly: $487.37
Due at Signing:$4,546.82(Taxes, fees and first month)

Dealer 2:
MSRP $52,240
SELL $48060.80 Includes incentives separate from below
COSTCO $1250

Total *$ 42,310.80
$483.71 w/ 12k

$ 462.48 at 10k.

$2323.36 due on delivery (1st payment, $175 doc fee, $75 transfer plate fee, $10 nysi, $12.50 tire tax, $1567 sales tax)

Dealer 3: (Cash down includes taxes fees and first month).

How does this compare to the LH Marketplace?

Looks better maybe? Marketplace brokers indicated that their dealers would require me to pay out of pocket for the lease buyout ( a couple thousand). Discount wise looks good.

Can I do better?

55k at ~$677/mo
52k at ~$580/mo
54k at ~$648/mo

Figure it out? And there is the LH calculator and Edmunds to make your life easier

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The main difference between the 52k and 55k is the 20 inch wheel and HK system

Do you think it’s worth the jump?

Are the $750 protection packages for like mats and stuff, something that can be removed?

No one here can tell you what you want/need.
Packages cannot be removed if they are included in MSRP


Short answer: no.

Haggling over line items is a losing strategy.

Ideally you should be driving your search, knowing your target and making offers, not reacting to them. Either way, whether you are making offers or countering, you should just communicate “this DAS and this payment” and let them figure out what to put on each line item.

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If I had it to do over, I would upgrade to HK (though whatever I had was fine), but coming from 20” wheels I’d :100: prefer 19s on an XC60.

I currently have 20 inch and HK.

How trash are base speakers is the question. I never seen anybody buy the xc60 with base speakers.

Wheels no, got my father an XC60 back in June about 4-5mo ago w/the 20’s and the ride is definitely a bit harsher. HK only if you are a true audiophile, while the system is definitely great not to mention the Gothenburg Concert Hall mode the standard sound system is actually pretty good imo.


Don’t 2 out of the 3 trim levels come with the base system? It can’t be that bad. Do these still have the B&W system as an option?

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They made it pretty trash for 2023. The HUD car’s start at like 58-59k.

The cars with only 20 inch wheels no HK are like 54,885 and cars with 20 inch plus hk are like 55,885 55,835

200 dollars for a power operated tailgate :roll_eyes:

Defender’s base Meridian audio >= HK in a Volvo, just saying after multiple Volvos. The base Volvo audio is OK.

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I haven’t been in a 23 but the non-HK/non-BW in the 19 xc60 was nicer than the HK in my Outback Limited. You must have an audio track that will decide for you? I have 2-3 I play on any test drive.

100% supply chain management / shortages. Absolutely worth it in my book, otherwise get an S60 T8 and EV tax credit, save $$

You sound like you know what you want, so…?

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Shit load of money for convenience at the price that’s been around for years.

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Luckily residual is 66%. $3.66 + tax and rent per month


Cannot judge Defender itself but must say the base sound system in my 21’ S60 sounds much better than the standard system in a lot of cars that I’ve had both euro and Japanese.

It was sarcasm, in case you forgot who this was coming from. Your post might be sarcasm as well.


Do you happen to know after you trade in a car, how long does the dealer take to complete the payoff?

Also is it norma/alright for a dealer to not mention the trade in on the new car paperwork.?

varies and depends who your lease was with previously. I’ve had from 1 - 9 days.
By “mention”… if you’ve got no (positive or negative) equity you’re rolling into the next car, then it could just be a separate transaction.

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