2023 Volvo XC40 Recharge Ultimate - Deal Check

Here is my deal from Northern California - taking it back to Reno! Let me know what you all think

This is for 7,500 miles per year for 36 months.
Applied incentives $7,500 EV Rebate $2,500 Costco $3,734 dealer discount Money factor of 0.00140
Residual value set by Volvo of 50 + 4 for 7,500 miles makes it a residual of 54.

MSRP/Retail $62,240.00
Selling Price $48,640.00
Govt Fee $603.40
Doc Fee $85.00
Gross Cap Cost $47,835.00
Cash Cap Reduction $1,693.91
Cap Cost Reduction $1,693.91
Adjut Cap Cost $46,141.09
Paid by Customer $3038.00

Monthly Payment $500.00

If I go to ZERO Down payment goes to $554.00 which makes no sense to me so help there would be great too!

Thank you for the feedback!

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That sucks, isn’t there another $3500 from Volvo out west right now? That means the dealer is actually giving you virtually no discount.

The 3500 is based on buyers location not dealership location.

There should be a $3500 volvo discount so that dealer is really only giving you $234

Aren’t these cars going for 8%-10% off MSRP before incentives? So on the west coast I believe there is extra $3500 lease cash and of course $7500 EV rebate and $2500 Costco…that should be $13500 discount before dealer discount.

Check my post, PM me if you want the dealer info.
You should qualify for the additional $3500 lease cash on XC40 right now since you are in NV.

Most OEM incentives are based on the buyer’s location, Volvo’s are based on dealership location.

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Oh my bad, thanks for clarifying.

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These numbers dont make sense. The MF and RV look wrong.

Agree I keep trying to get them to clarify but they want me to come in and are now playing games with the pricing - urgh!

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