2023 Toyota Sienna Lease

My 2019 Toyota Highlander lease will end in February. I want to switch to 2023 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD 7 seats. I got $800/month deals with $3000 downpayments which doesn’t make any sense to me. The best deal that I got is:

Sales price: $43,900
39 months, 10k miles
Downpayment: $3000 (taxes, fees, 1st month payment)
Location: Long island, NY

I don’t have other details. What do you think about this deal?

You didn’t give enough info. But you should buy anyway. I’m sure that’s marked up thousands over msrp

That sounds insanely bad


An MSRP that low leads me to believe it’s FWD not AWD, but as others have said this deal is terrible

I’m getting $48K offers on my ‘21 XSE AWD with 19k on the odo. Can’t imagine the markup on this deal.

toyota.com shows the lowest msrp for a 23 xle awd is 44k so is the msrp listed correct? also using the 42.9k msrp i get a markup of 3k using tfs 39/10k buyrate.

Sorry there is a typo. It is mentioned that Sales price= $43900. How can I negotiate it? What if I ask for 12k miles instead of 10k and $2000 downpayment instead of $3000. Would it be good?

He will just move the payment way up so he still gets his commission.

Sounds like you are about to make a big mistake and overpay for this Van.

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Do not lease this vehicle. If you want it, buy it.

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what’s the msrp? bigger question. Are you trading in your lease to them?

Yes. I am trading my current lease to them. I am going to check all the details tomorrow and ask for the MSRP. I only want to check how can I make a good deal.

I want a minivan but don’t want to buy it now. I only can afford for a lease payment and then I can keep it after the lease ends.

No. I will cancel the deal if he increase the monthly payment. So If he agreed on 39 months/12k, $2000 payment, and $650 monthly. Would it be good?

Are you leasing your Sienna? What is your monthly payment?

How much equity does it have?

This all just screams lighting thousands of dollars unnecessarily on fire.

And dude’s got 'til February…settle down a bit and learn the ropes, or burn those benjamins.


End of lease buyout is $25,280. I got a carvana offer of $25,652. Acuura dealership said that they will send me a $3500 check and buyout the car. So I don’t know the exact equity.

The issue is that the Sienna is not available now and it will be received in January but I need to pay a $500 refundable deposit.

$503. The world was a different place when that was signed…


Try Autonation and TrueCar. They are consistently higher than the others in my experience.