2023 Subaru Solterra Premium 36/10K for $299/mo + $1999 DAS

Finally done with my month long scouring of LH to sign this lease. If anyone wants this deal just ping me and I’ll make the introduction for you. I am in Sacramento, CA.

2023 Subaru Solterra Premium
Term: 36/10K
Monthly: $299
Due At Signing: $1999
MSRP: $46867

This is definitely not the cheapie bolt-mania type deal I was looking for, but it seems good for the times we are living in. I was also exhausted chasing down those damn Hyundai Ioniq so this was a nice break.

I wasn’t even aware of this car, but the Marketplace ad piqued my interest. Coincidentally a local dealer advertised this deal. It was initially advertised as $1999 Down, but I asked them to do $1999 Driveoff and they agreed. Maybe a better negotiator could get an even better deal since these cars have been sitting on the lots for a long time.

Anywho… I can’t believe I’m going on my 10th year of being a leasehackr. Spark, Volt, Bolt, and now this. Never thought it would last this long. Cheers everyone!


Looks like a solid deal. Great dealer discount and low interest rate as well.

Your beach is better
This is the best I seen…the fire sale hasn’t begun so we will see

Cvrp might take your application if you are within the limits 2k rebate


Nice job! Solid deal!

Nice deal, congrats!

Great work! Solid deal, and I am getting tired of chasing the ioniq as well. What do you think of the car vs the ioniq? Also, did you check out the Toyota variant?

Please update us once it starts for us down here in SoCal.

Best I’ve seen is 1700 das 330 + tax


I didn’t test drive either of these cars before I signed. I was just purely going on price. But after putting in about 100 miles on the Solterra over the weekend, I think the car is under-rated on LH.

It’s a pretty nice ride that you can easily get at this price and its even advertised in Marketplace. It rides smooth and fast, and not a of road noise. It’s big enough for two carseats and is high off the ground so thats kind of nice. It also has all the basic safety features like blind spot and parking detection. Those are just some of my early observations. For sure, it’s nicer than the Bolt.

The $46K price tag is kind of screwed up, since it can’t compete with a Model Y, but with a discounted lease it’s ok.

I can’t think of a reason why I would pay $50-$100 more a month for an Ioniq5, but if they were the same price then it’ll be a hard decision given that the Ioniq5 is alledgely roomier and has more range.

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I agree, the Solterra is underrated. The Ioniq 5 is a giant hatch. It sits pretty low to the ground. The Solterra is an SUV about the size of a Forester. I’ve never driven the Solterra, but my neighbor gave me a ride in it, and it’s super nice. I had a Kona at the time and remember thinking how quiet and smooth the Solterra felt compared to the Kona.

But there are a few things that I couldn’t give up on my current Ioniq 5 because I got so used to it. The first is the digital key card. I carry it in my phone case, and I don’t have to carry my key fob around. The second is the ability to beat a Model Y off the line. I finally got someone to race me at a stop light in their Y. With my SOC at 90%+, a/c off, traction control on, in sport mode, my Ioniq 5 AWD beat a Model Y dual motor from 0 to 60. We stopped there because the speed limit was 55. I’m sure the Tesla would have overtaken me soon after 60. The Tesla was in sport mode. Not sure if he had his climate off or not. I didn’t remind him to turn it off.

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LMAO… I get it now, everyone’s trying to relive their 90’s Civic Hatchback days… I had me one of those too.


Did you try the ACC and lane keep? How do you feel about them?

I was surprised to have this feature. Used it for about 20 miles going down I5 here in Sacramento. It worked. The lane keep is way better than my Pacifica which will almost cross the lines before it steers back hard. The Pacifica also accelerate and brake really hard in ACC. The Solterra navigated all the curves pretty well and I don’t remember it braking hard. But that’s only with about 20 miles testing so not conclusive. I am still not 100% comfortable with it yet, but I was pretty excited to try it.

This is due to MSRP inflation, which is cause by the $7,500 incentive.

Is this a $38,500 car? That’s a better question.

Market research tells automakers how much people are willing to pay, and if that number was $46,000, Subaru would set the MSRP at at least $53,500.

Enjoy your new car!

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Same in my Ram, worse than my father’s 2011 Audi A6, Stellantis is a joke in these technologies.

Have you run into the slow recharge issue yet?

Thanks to @vinhboy, i got same deal from this dealer! Smooth transaction, no pressure by Finance as well which i dread :slight_smile:

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Yes, i see with my Grizzl-e classic L2 charger, charge speed was almost half on Solterra of what i get with model 3. Do not have a solution yet.