2023? Range Rover SV Blessings Market Check

I’m wondering if any of the brokers or dealers here have access to help double check the extreme request of blessings on a new Range Rover deal I’m working.

I’ve come across what I believe is a pretty good deal on a brand new 2023 Range Rover SV (regular wheel base) with MSRP of roughly $215k.

The manager states that these are going for over MSRP at auction and that we should be grateful for the limited amount of blessings he is requesting.

I’m wondering if someone can do a check of auctions so they can verify what this manager is saying to get an idea of what the range of over MSRP these are truly bringing. It would really help me decide to either walk or pull the trigger on this deal.

Thanks in advance, community friends!

Are you getting it at msrp or above?

The dealer wants over asking. He desires many blessings.

Would be best to ask @AutoCompanion .

Im thinking there is a typo at $215k for one of these :slight_smile:


Yes must be a typo on the 225k MSRP.


Oh God Panda GIF

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SWB can be had for around 200k while LWB is around 225k

Your right I was thinking the SE

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