2023 Nissan Z is almost here!

Looks awesome IMO. The back profile is beautiful and nostalgic :heart_eyes:

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Can’t wait to start hating it in person


From the back looks like a Mustang / Stinger hybrid with a 240sx insert. From the side Nissan Z, from the front again something KIAish with hints of Nissan in there. The interior is just a puked up early 2000s. Very weird aesthetic. But 400hp manual is a plus. Can’t wait to see these lowered, fart canned and rolling back at stop lights because people “think” they know how to drive a manual.

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These days you find less and less people who don’t know manual even considering it. They’ll probably buy an auto-only Supra 4-cyl and go on and on about how the auto is ‘faster’ as if that’s the point.


Oh I love those. But I was referring to specifically to the jackasses who really don’t know how to drive one, but think that they do. I truly, deeply honestly despise those people. I was in an uber a while back and the car was manual civic. The guy kept jerking the car so badly that I told him that if he’s not going to stop I’m going to throw up, to which I got the lecture how that’s how manuals work and I don’t know shit about cars.

Everyone begs for manuals but the people that actually spend the money don’t buy them. There is a reason they have gone away. If people actually bought them rather then just talk about it they would be ubiquitous like they are in Europe.


From the back looks like a Mustang / Stinger hybrid with a 240sx insert

To me it just looks like they were going for a modern take on the 300zx back and I think it looks good. Not sure where you get 240sx from, IMO those two look completely different. The mustang? Maybe the black strip between the tail lights but 300zx had this too. I guess the profile of the rear part of the roof has a bit of a mustang look… Agree that the interior is pretty ugly. Hopefully they have a few other options

Manuals and wagons - everyone (for the most part) likes them, but only select few buy them.

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If they sold these for less than 50k I would buy one. When I was younger I would have loved manual wagons, but the ones that existed were priced out what I could afford.

The only manuals around that I could afford were impractical sports cars. Looking at hatchbacks like the GTI; the manual take rate is generally very high.

If they’re affordable, people would buy them,

Manufacturers simply don’t want to invest in selling manuals anymore and I do believe the whole “Americans don’t buy manuals” is a lie. If the car was offered with desirable options and at an affordable price, Americans would buy it.

Right now the only choices are stripped down econoboxes worth 15k or super high priced 992 GT3.

There’s very little in the 20k to 30k price range that isn’t a GTI.

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I would have agreed with you on the not wanting to invest in manuals if they disappeared overnight, but this has been a very long process. For cars that offered manuals as an option there were fewer and fewer takers over the years. It is very apparent that in majority of cases what people declare they want online usually doesn’t translate well into what they actually buy. Everyone wants sporty, manual, etc and then they go into the dealership and buy a mid-size suv because that’s what actually works for an average lifestyle.

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The only people that want manuals are a small niche of enthusiasts. They may be loud online but there really are very few people who want them.


I hope people buy these. It’s not just manuals that are endangered but literally anything remotely sporty that isn’t a crossover.

The German brands look like they’ll keep splitting hairs in their umpteen CUV lineup; watch them come out with an X8 or GLS “coupe” before coming up with a new Z4 or SLK.

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The only thing they updated was the dash interior which fell far behind on the last Z, the outside front looks like they put little to no effort in at all in designing. The back has that 80s vibe which isn’t bad, but overall this car is just wayyyy toooo bland to be a Z, sorry.

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In seriousness, and I don’t say this because I am biased towards Camaros because they can be hacked nicely, but when I look at this I see a Camaro LT1 type of car for twice the money.

Different target audiences though.

No doubt, so many of our decisions we make on things like cars are totally subjective in nature. Enter advertising and marketing department here😊


Looks great IMHO. Clean retro lines and a manual!

Already coming: https://www.motor1.com/news/525084/bmw-x8-hybrid-spy-video/

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