2023 Nissan Titan S, $4029 one-pay plus $2700 MSD

2023 Nissan Titan S. Jumped on a @Clutch deal after getting nowhere with Pathfinders. Needed something to fit 3 car seats and this probably works better than a third row suv (already have a Sienna as well). This was officially a February deal, picked it up from AZ and drove it back to WI. Long trip but gave me a chance to hang out with my 3 year old daughter.

Calculator isn’t built correctly but numbers line up. If somebody wants to straighten out feel free: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR


Finally - not an EQS!



How do I replicate this.

Talk to @Clutch!

Otherwise take a look for the Titans S trim nationwide, since there doesn’t seem to be very much inventory of this trim. S trim is the ticket here. And I also had $1500 loyalty rebate to apply, which is 3% off right there. Not sure if that rebate carried over into this month though

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Great… now I want one… :crazy_face: @Clutch SoCal plz!

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You know where to find us!
Lets go!

That was worth the one pay right there!

"Hey daddy… remember that time when we drove all the way to that place 1,000,000 miles away because you said you got a good deal on a truck?":heart_eyes:


Congrats @sosnocor for scoring this winning SIGNED! deal of the month! :tada:


Congrats OP on the deal. My Frontier lease is maturing soon so this would be a great transition even though I don’t want a truck.

Stupid question. This would be my first time doing a deal with MSDs and One Pay. How do we factor the discount associated with using these two strategies. My calculator only computes the selling price, residual and MF.

Thank you

I assume you have the front bench seat? How do you like it??

Definitely read this frontier forum. Very helpful information on the one pay and MSD program Nissan has, even if the forum is directed towards the Frontier

If you use the Leasehackr calculator you can pick Nissan from the drop down and the one pay program with MSD’s does pop up. I was using this and it worked correctly.

Yes has the bench seat. I’m happy with it. With 3 kids and 2 dogs, one of which is a lap dog, its nice having an actual seat for the dog vs trying to play the lap game. There certainly is enough room that somebody could lay across the entire seat. I think I like having a bench seat better than having storage that I’d never properly use. The back of the middle seat does come down too for arm rest, with storage in there as well if needed.