2023 Nissan Pathfinder SL Prem l $48.9k MSRP l $8375 One pay ($465/ month)

I recently have been shopping around for a new truck for my wife. We picked the pathfinder based on RV and just need a short term band aid until things normalize a bit. Been talking to brokers and dealers trying to find a good deal, its been an adventure to say the least.

Nissan Pathfinder SL with captains chairs.
MSRP= $48,930
Sale price $45,940 (3k discount)
Lease- 10k/18m
DAS: 3,037 (1st month, nj taxes, and fees)
MF: 0.00339
Monthly Cost: $365.17/ month
Total Lease cost: $9245.36

I decided to go with the one pay option which dropped my MF to .00286 and my total cost came out to the 8375 which is essentially 465 a month.

Would love to hear feedback both good and bad! This is my first car lease/purchase ever so big win for me.


Congrats on the new ride! and post your review in the review thread

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Where can I find that?

Congrats on the new Pathfinder!

Pls let us know who the broker was so folks can know to steer clear.

This whole story is wonky. Leave a review for the broker.

Congrats on the pickup.

Yeah I didn’t wanna make this about the broker more about the deal. Trying to find the right place to put the review.

Here you go.


Oh it was me. This guy went in to my dealer the day i sent his deal in in December and tried to negotiate my deal downward. I purposely told them to quote him msrp and waste his time. Shame on me for not punting him the second he did that, though. I know he’d be a problem right away. I had to babysit him for over a month. I more than earned my fee. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and most people are extremely grateful. 5 years of business on this forum shows that. I guess it’s my fault for not charging a broker fee upfront when he locked in an inbound unit. I generally don’t do that because then you are sort of beholder to the client since you’re holding their money. I guess I’ll know better going forward. And yes, i lit this guy up because he was nothing but a problem from the start. He always came off like he wanted to use broker numbers and avoid paying the fee. He tied up an extremely difficult to find car that i could have sold a dozen times for over a month.


Kind of figured. His story didn’t make much sense.


By all means, please ask anything that didn’t make sense. Mike provided me an sl. I went to Bridgewater to look at a rock creek to check out the differences.

Shall we get into the unprofessionalism you presented? Dealership called me asking to strike a deal which you were in no way open to you. I asked you on 2 separate occasions if we could see if there were different colors or deals out there. I tried to work with you and stay as my broker and pay what I owed but 4 weeks of being told next week was enough.

I have a feeling that this thread is about to get spicy. Let’s cut to the chase, and just agree that there was a difference in opinion or miscommunication between OP and the Broker and end it here.

The drama adds nothing to the situation.


All I saw in your cathartic post was an attempt to justify going with a different dealer just to avoid a broker fee. I have dealt with enough customers to know when one blows up a trivial issue for no reason. Seen this too many times. A user gets a broker quote only to go get a better deal from a different dealer while stringing along the broker. And somehow it becomes the brokers fault.

Fact is, you got a car. I don’t even know what the purpose of this post was. External validation? You got a great deal. It’s time to move on


You TheMahbFather are morally obligated to pay the broker aronchi because you agreed to a deal on a particular car. After you agreed to the deal, you are not allowed to go to aronchi’s dealership to try to lower the price and make the deal better. It is not in aronchi’s hands when an incoming car actually arrives at the dealership.

Pay that man his money.


Morally obligated? Quit playing Jesus. You come out of the woods whenever some drama is going down. :laughing:

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:joy: fine reply good sir.

Crack open a cold Pilsner and enjoy your new ride :wink:

When Ur right ur right. This post was aimed to see if the deal I got was good, which I think is a slamming deal. I’ll move on with life


Considering that they were willing to help you in lieu of an up front fee I would say that’s pretty “professional”, no? Things only turned sour when YOU decided to try and snake the deal out from under him at that dealership. With all that in mind, why would he want your “3-4 leads” who will just try to do the exact same thing to him?
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I hope you didn’t mention Lease Hackr to any of these dealers. 4 hours read time in a month, and while I want to believe it was a miscommunication, this is the autobiography of an absolute scumbag (not the broker, he’s just extra-salty).

Enjoy your Pathfinder.