2023 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum. $11,430 One Pay. $53,530 MSRP

$53,520 MSRP
$49,050 selling price (8.35% discount)
18 month / 10k miles
.00337 (buy rate) .00299 with one pay

$11,430 one pay. $635 Effective

Wife needs a 3 row SUV so we cashed in 4k equity via Carvana for her 2022 Wrangler 4XE and picked the pathfinder up this afternoon. Extremely pleasant dealer experience. I opened up asking for the vehicle for $48,500 and he came back at $49,050. I pushed for more but this was the best he could do.

Will post a few pics this weekend


Tell me me more about the 4xe. What was the MSRP what was the buyout?

2022 HA. 63k msrp.

The offer from carvana was thousands above any other place I’ve checked. I’ve been checking weekly and must have caught them at a good time apparently. Payoff was 45.5


What is one pay??? can you explain please?

You make all of the lease payments upfront, which can save a fortune on rent charges (the finance charge portion of the cost of a lease).

In this case he made a single payment upfront for $11,430.


gotcha ok ty so much, well obviously you have the money to put down


Some manufacturers’ captives also allow you to put down multiple security deposits (“MSDs”) as a way to lower the MF.

Each MSD is roughly the equivalent of one payment, and generally the higher the total deposit the lower the MF, and therefore the lower the monthly payment.

Often you will see recommendations here for people who are considering a down payment to use the money for MSDs instead, because you get MSDs back at the end of the lease. The down payment is just gone.


got you ty so much

But its weird if you say put 5 MSD’s (which total $3500) barely lowers the monthly payment but if you put down $3500 it lowers te payments tremendously.


Well you get the MSD’s back at the end of your lease whereas a down payment is a cap cost reduction you never see again.

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There are instances where the base MF is extremely low, or you’re targeting a relatively inexpensive car (or both), and they may not make as much sense.

Among the benefits of mastering how to use the LH calculator is seeing what MSDs do to the total cost on a lease for the vehicle you are seeking, so you can make an informed decision.

I did 10 MSDs on the vehicle I leased last week. The numbers from running both scenarios (with vs. without max MSDs) made the decision for me.

I actually wanted to do a one-pay, but the MF with 10 MSDs was actually a bit lower.

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The is a nissan Pathfinder Platinum, msrp is 54000, i believe i can get it for 51000
when i put 5 msds it barely moves i understand what you are saying you are getting it back, but pays to put nothing at that point.

Have you actually done the math on what the annual or total savings are from MSD?

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I mean it is so minor going to do it now and show you, hang on

ok here you go

thats without MSDS nothing down

and this is with 5 msds

So (assuming the numbers are right) you aren’t interested in saving an additional $700?


$700 ? over the term?

Wow this is a terrible lease. Pathfinder competitors like the Palisade and Telluride come really nicely equipped at $45-48k.

Why tf would anyone want to spend $25k every 3 years on a Pathfinder? That’s $50k blown over 2 leases with zilch to show for it.