2023 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X, $48545 MSRP, 18/10, $5181.31 one pay

2023 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X

$48,545 MSRP - 18/10

Final price - $45,858 (5.54% off)

One pay lease - $5181.31

Tax rate - 8.7%

Calculator below:

After following some advice here on the forum (shoutout to @giveleaseplease I think we have identical trucks :sweat_smile:) I was able to source a really great deal on a new frontier here locally in Washington!

The vehicle was already discounted online to $46,600 so I knew going in that trying to squeeze out a few extra dollars was going to be difficult. After some back and forth on dealer fees and sales price, I opted to walk away from the dealer when I couldn’t quite get to the number I wanted. We were just over $6000 out the door when I left, they called me back about 30 minutes later, I told them if we could do the deal for $5000 I would come sign right now. After a few minutes they offered $5,181.31 saying it was as low as they could go, and for me that deal made sense.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to maintain the perception that you don’t need the vehicle when you are negotiating. Being able to walk away if you aren’t getting the deal you want can make all the difference, especially on these 18 month leases where every dollar counts. Just “waiting them out” allowed me to drop the effective payment from about $335 to $287.

Thanks fellow hackrs! Couldn’t have done it without the community!


Wow effective $287. This is a unicorn :unicorn:



Awesome awesome awesome.

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Congrats! In Washington nonetheless.

holy shit, great job! Identical trucks indeed, not identical payment!

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Props man. I have been trying to do this in SoCal for the past week and nothing even close to that. Great job

Tremendous deal! Wondering if this is Clark county from the tax rate?

Agreed…this is off the charts good.


Congrats! I’m lovin it

Were there any dealer installed “extras” on this unit?

First place finish in Nissan frontier lease marathon goes to this guy.

First Place Win GIF by Nickelodeon

At this price…who cares. The vehicle may have been blessed by all the raccoons and if the price is still this good, the fabric treatment and nitrogen filled tires may actually be value adding.

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I love a good WA state hack. I like Seattle ones even better but I’m guessing this was central or eastern WA given the low tax rate. Congrats!

Its got to be West or East Coast when an 8.7% tax rate is considered low, lol


This is in Whatcom County.


There was an “etched glass” fee of $699 that was added that I wasn’t thrilled about, but since I was able to get them to drop another $1k off the deal from the starting offer I wasn’t too beat up about it.

Amazing job! I’m jealous


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This is almost as good as the Tundra leases circa spring 2020. Well done!!

And OP you are 1000% correct. The willingness to walk away is the greatest negotiating power anyone has. Not just cars, in general.