2023 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X - $44.4k MSRP - $4285 ($238/mo) One-Pay Lease

As much as we Hackrs love to chase the lowest numbers possible, sometimes stupid regulations and policies prevent us from going all the way to the top. So I just want to vent and say NMAC and NY killed this beautiful :rainbow: :unicorn: as I was only allowed to do 2 MSDs vs. the normal 9 MSDs. Had I been allowed to do 9 MSDs this deal would’ve been an INSANE $3191 or $177/mo effective payment :sob: These MSDs savings are mind-blowing. If possible, the extra $1200 for 7 MSDs would result in a $1194 saving or a CRAZY 99.5% ROI. A man can only dream…

Nonetheless, here’s my “December to Remember” deal!

I Signed on Dec. 31st, but due to the very well known funding issue on One-Pays, dealer had to structure the deal as shown in the calculator then discount the remainder of the discounted price from cap cost which resulted in my DAS amount. In my case, the dealer deducted $2425 from contracted DAS to result in my cost. This whole ordeal took 11 days to resolve and I wasn’t able to pick up until today. However, my lease only started yesterday when I signed with locked December rates so no harm no foul.

Vehicle- 2023 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X
MSRP- $44445
Selling Price- $41270 (7.14%)
Monthly Payment- $0 ($238/mo effective)
Term- 18mo/10k
MF- 0.00266 (after 2 MSDs)
RV- 98%
Drive-offs- $4985 ($4385 OP and $600 MSDs)

Finally, if we’re counting pennies… deduct 2% CC cash back for a total cost of $4285 or $238/mo :smile:


Can you share the dealer ?

Edit: I didn’t even read, since I wanted to be the first comment

Another thought:
This guy gets a new car every month WTF,

What do you do for a living bro?


Come on, share that dealer’s info :joy:

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I’ve had it :angry::pleading_face:

Starting right now, any LH’r that signs this deal before me is getting cussed out in their DM’s :boom:


Did you sign this in NY?

Btw your calculator link is off, only states a 1.7% off discount.

Wow that is a great deal even without max msd! Congrats and enjoy the ride!

The Pro-4x one-pay seems to be getting lower and lower from LH. Who’s next? :sunglasses:


Beautiful truck! I’m getting close to biting on this even though I’m not a pick-up fan.


Dealer in VA

Contractual discount was ~1% with the remainder 6% coming off the back end.

The GOAT signs again.

How do y’all even get these discounts, I had to fight for hours for my 2.4% :joy:


I have one at 4.5% off MSRP avail now. PM me for details. Can’t do MSDs, though.

How do you travel so much? More importantly how are you able to consistently talk to dealers? You were close to Ohio for the Honda, and a week later you’re in Virginia.:face_with_spiral_eyes:


Is this the loophole for the one-pay?? Lol


Theres only one way🤪

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He does it again. And again. And again.


Frontier Olympics continue. I got 6 months left on my lease hopefully they still have these deals then.

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was this dealer in Manassas? I had nearly the same deal in place, deposit made, and when the docs came over they were entirely different, with no explanation.


:crown: :crown: :crown:
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I’m still not supporting this buffet of Frontier leases, FWIW.lol


My man strutting like a peacock through LH.



pUt sOmE ReSpeK oN mY nAmE


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