2023 Honda Civic Type R

price aside, type-r will run circles around wrx

It’s floating all over the internet, no secret.

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Tell me this guy didnt actually sign…

Imagine paying 75k to drive a Honda Civic. Just incredible

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I didn’t do a deep dive, but probably did

it’s the sekai ichi of apples

Most drivers have no ability to use majority of type R capabilities

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I wonder what the production numbers for the Civic Type R are compared to the GR Corolla (Core and Circuit). As it has been said, these seem like phenomenal cars at MSRP, but once you start adding double digit markups you start to look elsewhere. In reality though, IF you are the person who REALLY wants once of these cars, have the financial means, and are willing to pay over sticker for it, you are not going to want a 3 series.

It will also be interesting to see how the rest of the cars in this market do. Will WRXs get more heavily discounted? Will Subaru start leasing them out with somewhat favorable terms to get them on the street? Does the Civic Si & Integra A-Spec 6MT market soften somewhat? Will people start to give the GTI & Golf R another look if these models are selling at or slightly below MSRP?

I think you can safely say that about a Corolla LE

Most drivers cant drive stick.
This is not the segment for “most drivers”.

Driving stick doesn’t make you better driver in any way. I’m sure most “driver” in this case will be kids of rich parents as no sane middle person would pay 60k for front wheel drive 315hp civic. You can’t fight physics.

This is where I disagree with you on all fronts.

You disagree with this @LeaN69?

Except that ONE statement by him. :rofl:

This is why this country is so great that people can have their own opinions. I’m from generation that grew up in fast and furious/need for speed times. All my cars have been stick until few years ago and it doesn’t make you a better driver in fact just encourages wannabes to play checkers in traffic in order to save 2 minutes on their drive. Actual good drivers drive equally good in any vehicle. Let’s face it at msrp this maybe a somewhat interesting vehicle but at 60k I’d get base cayman, wrx or golf R. After owning few Hondas their paint quality is lackluster and sound deadening is non existent.

Amen to that.

That’s what keeps me away from the Integra…

Cool story…
I dont know where you got me saying manual drivers are better drivers I just played along.

The point is market narrows for manual
market narrows even more for performance sedans
therefore your statement of “most drivers” isn’t even applicable because people who even consider these cars are a small niche group.

Whatever. I don’t have enough free time at work to be debating pointless arguments.

Why? I’m bored…

Yeah we won’t be marking them up, but they’ll probably only let long term repeat customers buy first.

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