2023 Honda Civic Type R

I realize this is called LeaseHackr and not PurchaseHackr, but does anyone have any thoughts or tips on how to approach the new Civic Type R?

I understand it will likely make zero sense to lease this and it will be a straight up purchase. Will this be a minimum $10k over MSRP, or will I have a shot of getting it somewhere close to the actual list price?

It is supposed to be released on the “fall” which we are technically now in, but not much else on the date at this point.

Just curious if anyone had any thoughts.

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I’m pretty sure every dealer has a list of people for this and most of them paying a mark up


You are probably looking at 1-2 year long waitlists at this point even if you can find a dealer willing to sell at MSRP. And that is a big if…


So you’re telling me there’s a chance (lol). I guess a test drive is out of the equation.

I think the new redesign looks slightly less tacky than the previous gen and have some definite interest, but probably not at $50k.

Anything is possible. The only thing you can count on 100% is that no one will discount this car. There are dealers that are willing to do MSRP on even limited production cars. The problem is actually finding one with a car in stock.

MSRP is out, quite the bump

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Bad news for dealers. This means they’re likely going to have to cut down their mark up from $25k to $20k.


I wouldn’t expect dealers to temper their markups. Since most if not all are doing it then price gouging will continue. I think supply will be limited enough for it to happen.

It was a tongue in cheek comment.

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Saw a pic of a sheet, look at the interesting line items.
Limited Edition (also known as ADM)


What’s the deal with Honda? There’s almost no Honda brokers here on leasehackr. In CA, we have a few Toyota dealers that sell msrp only but have long waitlists, such a concept doesn’t seem to exist at Honda. I wonder if Honda corporate is just totally oblivious to the situation on the ground. Doesn’t seem to be ANY place you can put down a deposit at msrp for a CTR

Oof. I understand it will hold it’s value reasonably well, but there are SO many cars out there for $65k.

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BTW I didn’t share the entire document. It’s pretty bad.

This guy REALLY wanted this car.
Traded in a 2021 Pilot and got 31k (This car sells for 45k on carvana), still owned 33k so 2k in the crapper.

67k + 2k = 69k + tax $74k for a 44k car.
168% LTV paying 6.99% Interest on a 72m…YIKES

Zero financial management and makes decisions based on ‘gotta have it now now now!’

But to each his own and his own money and you know what they say about a fool and his money.

While I’m not suggesting a WRX is necessarily a comparable car to a CTR, you can (often) score one for a few grand off MSRP and the mark up alone ($20k) would pay for 60% of one.

Wrx all the way. Use money saved to make it your own.

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Gotta love the $2500 comfort security and protection package.

Is that a warranty or a weighted blanket?

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probably a fake alarm…hehe

the car does look clean as hell …reminds me of a cat for some reason :kissing:

For 65k I’d rather have a 996 911 Turbo manual.

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Who tf goes from a pilot to a type R ? Wife gonna be pissed

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