2023 Ford Maverick orderbooks close tomorrow 9/20/22 at 10pm

Anyone do better than priority 19? I got 17 on the actual submission but first was at 19 on the form

I’m expecting mine won’t make the cut this model year but was worth it for a refundable deposit and potential for xplan.

Didn’t really shop dealers since it was last day.

Where do you see your priority.

On the order form I signed?

Priority code 19 for my 3 orders

Apparently dealer sets it. Most should be 19 as it’s the default. 10 is the front of the line. Still affected by allocations at the dealer level regardless. And some dealers apparently aligned adm with priority code.

Not sure it will matter as constraints will keep you in the queue even with the best number.

Dealer told me that mine was going to be 10 because I preordered with them - though didn’t matter in the end as their allocations got so severely cut they quit even trying to put more through.

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I have priority 10

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I have one 10 and one 19. But only 1 email from ford.