Ford Maverick Orders - Now MY2024

Those interested in ordering a 2023 Ford Maverick. Tomorrow is the final day. I suggest getting orders in ASAP.

Demand for these are quite high. Order books just opened 9/15/22. The hybrid is in high demand. Wait-time is around 1 year. Builds will depend on dealer size and priority number. Priority 10 will be fastest build vs 19 can take awhile to be scheduled.

My advice is do not order accessories or it might not be built or will be massively delayed. Just base option packages. You can get those accessories usually installed at dealer after delivery.

Usual boys probably know this already @drdvrgs @LeaseNYC @vinny


Seriously? My dealer finally didn’t call me to order until today and then never answered when I called back to finalize :man_facepalming:

I wonder if they’ve really sold that many or production is just going to be that small

Lower % means of being built is slim, due to supply constraints.

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If you want one order one from another msrp dealer. Otherwise you will not get one.

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The tremor :cold_face:

Why is Ford such a job. It doesn’t seem other manufacturers are having such constraints.

Anyone know whether the 2.5 hybrid or 2.0 gas is more desirable for resale? I’m leaning toward paying extra for the 2.0 given that it’s more likely to be built.

Hybrid is in higher demand.

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Gas close tomorrow per dealer

Thank you @Nypharm @Hypnotics

I was wondering if there are any recommendations on Ford Dealers in NorCal. I am trying to understand if the process of ordering through a local dealer is straight forward. Thanks

Chappie boys at play again; according to them they will only get 11 mavericks for the whole year.

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They will

Not their customers at least they ain’t lying :joy::joy:

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Ford is probably punishing them by cutting allocations for taking customer orders.

Look on Dealerrater, no idea. All I know is you have until 10pm tonight for hybrid tomorrow for ecoboost.

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I am assuming the 7500 applies to the hybrid? And ford will pass it along in some form?

Its not plugin doubt that. If it does it will be by far the cheapest hybrid to probably get in USA.

Trying to decide HOW crazy I want to go with this. Since it’s a sticker order with no ev credit

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Odds these are built is not high but demand could be blessings based on msrp being low.

When I’ve looked in the past there didn’t seem to be much/any profit for a flip on these once you factored in taxes/registration- I’m hoping to get one as a keeper but now having second thoughts since I found out the towing cap is only 2,000lbs :man_facepalming: - even my ‘07 Odyssey can handle 3k

2k is for hybrid. Ecoboost I believe is more. Your minivan does not get 42mpg in city.