2023 Defender 110 s lease

Lol…ok, so maybe I got a little carried away.


I don’t have many strongly held beliefs, but one I do have is that if you put 22s on a Defender it’s the death penalty.


That’s the thing with JLR those options start adding up very fast, want rear AC ? That’ll be $1600 sir

No it’s $1600 for the vents, $2500 for AC and $4000 for working AC


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If you enjoy driving definitely get the Porsche


Numbers :blush: calc

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I haven’t driven a Macan, but I have had some miles in a Cayenne. That was an excellent driving vehicle. The base price for the current Cayenne is really increased compared to the previous. :sob:

Hey guys

A total newbie confusion on my part. When you asked me if I wanted to flip it, I said yes. But I misunderstood - no it is not to flip. Goal is to keep it for two years and then return it.

That’s why both MF and RV matter a lot. 5% difference in RV means that my payment is almost $140 a month higher over 24 months.

Found a dealer that charges no mark up on either MSRP or MF.

Now just need to decide on 90s (RV of 86%) and 110 base (RV of 92%). MF on both for 24 months lease is the same as .00309. Of course both RV and MF could change by the time the vehicle is ready for delivery.

Don’t get a 90

At the end of the lease you can still sell it and a 110 will be worth a lot more


You really ought to run the numbers comparing the .00409 mf on a lease vs a balloon loan for 24 months and then ask yourself if the “flexibility” of a lease is worth 5 figures or not. Youre talking about the neighborhood of $12000 in rent charge here…


I appreciate the time and effort to help.

But unless I am missing something major here, I can’t see how a buy decision (balloon loan or not), works for me. So not sure what do you mean by I am paying thousands extra.

See the comparison. This is assuming I can get a balloon loan at 4%. This is for a $63k 110 bass model vehicle.

Of course a big unknown and assumption here is around resale value of the vehicle in two years time. I am assuming that I can sell for 85% of MSRP ie 53500. You may say that the market will be stronger than that and I can sell for more than that. That’s fine if someone wants to make that assumption, but not me.

Drop the bank fee on the balloon loan and lower the interest to 3.24% to reflect what you can get from americu.

An LR dealer charging buy rate and not marking up the mf is unheard of. If thats actually what theyre going to do, fantastic, but you better have that in writing with the GM’s signature on it. LR dealers love their .00100 mark up.


Dealer I spoke to required me to add Interior Protection Package, Tire & Wheel Protection, & Emergency Pack. They won’t order a vehicle without it just in case I decide I don’t want it.

Mike did you hack my Dubizzle Favorite list?



Yes, so they aren’t stuck with something they can’t sell to someone else. Porsche dealer isn’t going to waste a GT3 allocation on you if you order a bone stock car, back out, and then have to go through the effort of unloading a less desirable car (more of an extreme, but you get what I mean).

Those are LR factory options?

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The Interior protection package, wheel protection package (which are lugnuts and might not be what he’s referring to) and Emergency Pack are accessories that can be added.

It’s just a first aid kit, floor and cargo mat, and wheel locks

All residualizes

Actually it’s a really nice first aid kit

Edit shut up Curtis


Sounded more like Phantom Footprints and VIN etching the way it was worded. :slight_smile:

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This isn’t a very good model of a balloon loan.

There is no bank fee
Sales tax seems way to high for NY
Interest charge is too high

On a 24 month AmeriCu loan your payment would be $490 and the final payment would be $50,979 with total intertest paid of $3,763. Keep in mind this is over 100% financing with all taxes and fees included.

TCO for a balloon loan: 24 * $490 = $11,750 (sum of payment) + $2658 (neg equity) = $14,408