2023 Chevrolet Traverse SUV - $3,000 BELOW MSRP

SALE: 2023 Chevrolet Traverse, LT Leather FWD trim.
MSRP: $46,000
Sale price: $42,990

Brand new car with 18 miles. Selling at $3,000 below MSRP.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Packages: LT Premium
Color: White
Interior: Jet Black/Chai

there is 0 miles on it?
Whats the sales prices? sticker?

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Mods private transfers should be limited to lease transfers. This area is becoming car gurus 2.0


If you’re going to post a vehicle for sale, at least post the sticker and photos with a listed sales price. Low effort posts don’t help anybody. We don’t have a dedicated section of the forum for private sales, so leaving this here.


Thank you, @dukez. Done.

Are you selling the car?

Just walk away and take any deposit back from the dealer.

Once you drive off the lot and for some reason your buyer backs out, you’re SOL.

Yeah, why would you go through all the hassle of biying and selling just to break even? Is there really a secondary market for a chevy traverse?

Unless it’s changed can’t transfer first and last 6 months of a GMF lease. Someone please verify my comment.

I’ve updated the ad with the actual pictures of the car and set the price at $2k below MSRP.

You will be lucky if you get 5K under MSRP.

Do you have any data points to back up your assertion or is it just anecdotal?

Even Toyota Highlander is 3K Off MSRP

Did you take delivery of this just to take photos for this listing when you could have walked away?

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Reading this thread…

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With taxes and fees you’d have to be deep under water even at 2k off MSRP.

My situation is a bit different where I had to take delivery. It is what it is - now, I just need to sell it. :slight_smile:

Yes, Vinny, but it is what it is. I hope it will be a good deal for someone looking for a 3-row SUV.

It won’t be. Another seller on cars.com other than you has an LT leather is retailing for 41.8 plus ttl. A smart buyer can pick one up for even less new right now, the market is shifting.

A 22 Traverse FWD LT Leather adjusted MMR is around $37K and the last sale at Manheim was 10/27 for $39K. It’s going to be hard to get $40K for it, online offers will probably be around $35K is my guess. No data on 2023.