2023 BMW 760i $2353/m 35 months left 15K miles per year NJ TAX INCLUDED

2023, BMW, 760i, Msport:
Location: NJ

MSRP: $127,895
Monthly payment (nj tax incl): $2353

Current mileage: 750
Maturity mileage: 45,000
Effective miles per month: 1250
Maturity date: Dec 30th 2025

Cash due: No cash due
Incentive for new lessee: will cover bmw transfer fee

Financial institution:BMW financial
Transfer fee: $500 i will cover
Out-of-state transfer allowed: yes but according to BMW when transfering states you’ll have to pay your local taxes upfront

Vehicle condition: prestine brand new condition

Black exterior Tartufo interior

Msport pkg
Luxury rear seating
Parking assistance pkg
Executive pkg
M sport package pro
BMW Theater


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Nice car! How do you like it? Why getting rid of it? You just got it?

One similar on SAL with a higher payment but very similar trim (mileage doesn’t add up so must be different) –2023 BMW 7 Series lease in Manhattan, NY

@Phantomcypher what do you need - a 20k incentive?

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Platinum Auto Leasing ate handsomely on this one. Edit - it’s the lakewood Platinum. They eat handsomely on every one.


Got it recentley didnt realize it doesnt have rear foot rests im looking to upgrade to one that does have that

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then you’re about to eat like 10 racks to get footrests.


meme inbound…gonna keep an eye out on the LH meme lounge lol


They went out of they’re way for me i believe i got a decent deal i was shopping on LH didnt find anything better

yup im aware

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Sticker deal on a 7 series is going out of their way?

Rule of thumb - don’t buy anything from a leasing company in the community. They destroy people on their pricing. Ask me how I know lol…


Better off going to a very high end custom shop and having them fabricate you personalized footrests from a 3D printer. That will probably save you $7K.


Just saw one sell for 125 on a 132 msrp. It’s not out of their way - especially if this was as recently as it indicates.


that was sarcasm, curtis. they prob got it for like 3-4k over invoice and sold it for full pop. problem is that car has about 9 grand of markup.


I’ve been told I’m bad at reading that - and no kidding, doing the math in my head.

Episode 1 Mind Blown GIF by The Office


There must be more to this story. No one says “X is so important to me” and then buys a car without it.


Believe it or not, I had someone take a car (X5). Trade it back in a couple months later on a CPO that had a feature they decided they couldn’t do without (Another X5)

The feature? Heated and Cooled cupholders. I also saw a lot of this with the base audio cars when HK was not available but trade values were also much stronger then.


Too many people with more cash than brain