2023 Audi etron S sportback $1135/month

leasing. I meant total price of the car after all the incentives

Who cares what the total price is? That’s one small piece of the puzzle. If the rest of the lease terms don’t line up, even with the much bigger incentive, it can still result in something as crappy as a $1250/mo lease for an etron.

I think you’re losing sight of the forest through the trees here.


Even with all those incentives on the etron, your monthly is still $1k+ month.

If you have Costco, there is a $1500 incentive on the A6.
At the end of the day, it’s your money.

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agreed. the rest of the terms are similar except the A6 also leases at a higher MF!

Edit: I just got an offer for $960 (with tax) for A6 55 premium plus ($65K). 3years/12k/$2K down.

As much as I enjoy my etron that is the weak spot, as I only charge at the mall. At 80% I have about 160 miles of driving in 40F weather. Now if I had something like, oh I don’t know but say the EQS450+, I’d be looking at double the range at 80%. Yes, EQS has much bigger battery but it gets about 1 extra mile on a kWh (3.2mi/kWh) over etron’s 2.2mi/kWh.

OP Audi has 2.99% apr on remaining 2022 stock for 60mos.

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It’s been mentioned here earlier in the post, but is not the e-tron GT your list?
Significantly higher incentive, much better RV, and a solid MF of mid 3% or mid 2% if you do single pay on a 24 month lease. Single Pay doesn’t require MSDs to get to that rate.

I’d be shocked if you can’t find a $110K-$115K new MY22 GT P+ or Prestige for less than what your deal on the e-tron S is being quoted at. Better performance, cooler ride…significantly better range (my ET SUV sucks on the highway at 75 mph - maybe 170 miles) and that’s coming from someone still driving my MY21 e-tron Prestige SUV.

Just sayin’ - especially if you want to focus on the Audi BEV family…


absolutely agree. I just assumed the etron GT is beyond my budget just because its MSRP is much higher to start with. certainly for MY23. did not think MY22 is an option for some reason! will try searching to see if there any around. affinity (-6%) cannot be applied to the GT, unfortunately. would the higher incentive be because its a 22 not 23 and they want it off the lot?

You are starting off with $5K Costco and $7500 pass through that should stack with most discounts except Affinity and VIP….I’m sure you could achieve close to a high single digit or maybe better straight discount as well. Good money factors help…

Remember - MY23s have been out for 7+ months now and they too will be ‘old stock’ in another 5 months.

If you are planning to buy at end of lease - don’t do it (lease) - because of the high RV.

Prices on pre-owned and some certified MY22 Prestiges are already tanking.
I’ve seen a few pre-owned sub 8K mikes Prestiges that MSRP’d for over $116K now being offered from low $80K to low $90K range.

Definitely a car to lease - not buy. There were a few minor tweaks to the MY23s - front fascia bar being body colored, etc… but nothing transformational.

Get a better car for now…to me Audi (and I love the brand) pulled a fast one calling the current e-tron ‘body’ a new e-tron Q8 and an SQ8 for 2024. That ‘body’ has been out for over 5 years now - so other than some fascia and rear tweaks and yes a new 114 KwH battery pack with maybe 15-20% better real world range - it’s still the same e-tron…not bad at all, but certainly not revolutionary.

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Check this example LH Calculator - I don’t consider this a ‘great’ lease by any means (sub 9 LH Score) - and compare it your e-tron S ‘deal’

It assumes -$115K new MY 22 ET GT Prestige - 24/7.5K Lease (with extra miles @.25c), 64% Residual, .0013 MF (no MSDs) 8% straight discount discount with $5K Costco and $7.5K EVC pass through stacked.

Happy hunting and you’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW - I didn’t enter any tax info or rates, as I’m not sure what applies to you.
You can plug that in… I did show $895 Acquisition, $700 Dealer, and $300 Tag/Reg…you can play around with those as well.

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thank you, this is helpful :+1:

I think we’re going to see Audi desperate to get rid of these in a few months once the Q8 eTron is out. Significantly better range


You’ve received the input. You just have to shop around until you get the most aggressive offer and take advantage of as many incentives a as possible. There’s really nothing left to do.

The community isn’t going to find the magic 500 a month Etron S for you. You’re going to have to pay to play on this one since you’re married to the model of car and not the deal.

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It doesn’t move the needle much, but the website shows $3,000 for the Costco incentive for the e-tron S.

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There’s 1-2 brokers in marketplace offering invoice (6%) and another broker offering 10% off Q4 40s.

@gaithgaith - Any update with your search?

I have been talking to my closest Audi dealer about etron/gt etron’s and they won’t even discount them. They want me to get a better offer in writing and they will see if they can beat it. Initial offer was 100k msrp etron - quoted 5000 DAS and 1500 a month. All they took off was the 7500 rebate.

I am sure you are aware that the etron gt is a different car compared to etron. Are these 2023 models? Not sure where you are located, but supply and demand could have something to do with pricing in your area.

no one is willing to offer below $1000/month!

I don’t know Audi very well, but this is more of a niche than a volume model, so absent an inventory pileup I wouldn’t expect it to have compelling programs.

Sort of like an X3 is almost free, but an X4 payment in comparison makes you want to throw up.

Did you end up finding a deal/car?