2023 7-Series - is this really happening?

Popped up in my news feed.

Slow evening – I know its just a rendering, but still remember what happened after thinking the 4-series renderings were not real.

I don’t like it at all, wonder if its just me.

Found in this article

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Better than the 4 series


Rolls Royce in disguise

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Hard to imagine this was designed by the same brand, or species.


It doesn’t actually look bad. It’s nuanced, but this is a far better implementation of the grille than on the 4-series. It’s all in the headlight and bottom front fascia design.

They made the front larger and flatter, like on a plane and brought the headlights up to meeting the top of the grilles. I think this fixes most of the issues with the 4-series.

Personally, I don’t like the headlight design, but their placement makes it easier to look at the grille. I can see it working in the long-term. Seems like they’re going for the Rolls Royce coach-car style of design. It’s not just an executive sedan, it’s pure luxury.

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Not anymore I’m afraid, as of ‘22 the architecture of luxury platform underpins the Cullinan, Ghost, Phantom, and future custom works - and BMW/RR vehemently deny its relation in any way to BMW’s CLAR.

Side note, I do like the new 7 series grille. It actually may be smaller than the current grille in terms of surface area.

The 4 series is a beaver in shock. This one’s at least smiling.

The rendering reminds me of a Hyundai Santa Fe:

I wish BMW luck with the new 7-series. When BMW had a simpler lineup, it was the obvious flagship, but now people are choosing to spend similar money on loaded SAVs, M cars, and Gran Coupes. Most folks don’t need or want to be seen driving a chauffeurmobile.


Not sure what Carscoops track record is w/ accuracy, but I wonder where they got that bizarro chrome strip underneath the headlights/grille. For me, that + the ?foglight surround make an ugly front end just… comical?

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This is a good point. I’ve considered in the past getting an older A8 or 7 series for myself, but then I thought what would be the point to get something so soft and executive if I’d be driving it myself. I’ve found that if I’m going to be the one driving a car, I at least want to enjoy the drive from a dynamics perspective. Probably why I’ve always stuck to smaller sedans and sporty hatch/station wagons.

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Smaller grille than I was expecting, TBH.

Looks like a new Lincoln. No thanks… too much chrome

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That car was designed for the American and European market. The new 7 series is (or will be) designed for the Chinese market. Americans who want to spend $100k on a BMW are much more likely to get get an X5 M or an X7. There is a reason South Carolina is their global base SAV manufacturing base.

Can’t blame BMW for reading the tea leaves and targeting the car to the people that will actually buy it.


reminds of Chrysler 300 first edition, the front end is square/boxy and a mix of little Bugatti

You are absolutely right. Big saloons are only bought by the Chinese market now. It is interesting to see how the design has changed to cater to them. Cultural differences probably make up a big reason why new German cars are so revolting to me.

My opinion but that is fugly.

It sure does look ugly but sometimes pictures don’t do justice. Just like the 2022 Tundra - I thought it was the most hideous looking car after the bangle-butt 7er. But in person it looks REALLY good and has a presence

The size of the grille is one thing but the heart shape? That’s ridiculous as well as the chrome strip “happy face”

I wonder if it was actually mainly North America and possibly Japan? The few times I’ve been to Europe, I just don’t see full-sized cars of any type. I do remember on one trip to Japan in the 1990s being at how often I saw S-Classes. Not sure if it would be easy to find sales data that far back on the internet.

I don’t get the latest trend to make headlights smaller. What do these designers think of the reason why ladies do eye make up for? Highlight eyes maybe?

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