2022 Volvo XC60 - I think I got manipulated

Just signed yesterday and finally had a chance to sit down and look at the paperwork on a 2022 Volvo XC60 B6 on a 36/12. This is the calculator that I was given:

I attached the deal sheet to the post. The dealer told me that I have to pay the “effective” payment and not the monthly payment. Also, as I see now, the prices are not as listed on the calculator either. There’s a $43 per month charge for the Tire/wheel package so the monthly price was $830.

Fees up front + first month. Taxes rolled in (NJ).

Did they move pieces around on this deal and screw me?

The dealer provided you a filled out LH calculator?


Broker supplied - dealer was supposed to honor those numbers. Just trying to get a second opinion as the numbers are not making sense when the wife came home with the car yesterday.

The mf doesnt match whats on your calculator (contract is based on .001, not .0006). Calculator doesnt have the wheel and tire package included. Incentives are different. There may be other discrepancies as well.

Why didnt you call the broker when the numbers didnt match?


No, your monthly payment is 872 and it looks like there’s scammed loyalty on this deal.


Something’s definitely off here…

I believe the residual in your calc is off by 1%, MSRP is off by $70, it looks like the money factor was marked up by .00015, and it looks like you paid about $2400 for Tire & Wheel.

Question - what is the “effective monthly payment” on the LH calculator? I have been searching all morning without any luck.

Its the monthly plus the money upfront amortized out. Essentially, if you didnt pay a down payment and only did everything monthly.

The dealer telling you had to pay the effective payment, in addition to money down, was lying.

That’s not a very useful metric. Just talk drive off and monthly this could all be avoided.

It’s irrelevant. It’s the everything rolled in price. What you signed isn’t that. All so I’d find out what the additional 500 in rebate is. Was this a loyalty deal, because it’s written as such?

This is not a good look for whoever did this


As stated, wife picked the vehicle up. I told her all the paperwork should have been completed from the broker and was good to go. It was her vehicle so she rode up to pick up/sign. I am not getting a chance to look at the paperwork.

Who brokered the deal? I’m sure they will explain and make it right if needed.


Not naming names, just wanted some confirmation on what I am seeing not matching to the offer provided.

Honestly I think this OP needs some help. Those two sheets are not the same. I would be livid. Hell I am livid for you.


Why is it that every time this brokers volvo contracts are listed, they always have a scammed rebate showing? Do dealer audits not exist for this store?


I remember your a-plan deals, so…

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All had valid aplan so…

Below invoice after Volvo changed it, so…

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Not when you account for broker profit :kissing_heart: