2022 Toyota RAV4 Help! Dealership's Offer looks fishy!


You’ve come to the right place to ask for help. The 1st good thing you did was come here BEFORE you signed. Do yourself and your bank account a favor and text @Jrouleau426 . You will not be disappointed. A broker fee is money very well spent.


You should finance it, not lease it.

Check who has the best pricing here:



Yeah it looks like 5600 or so over sticker…wow.

This is a biblically bad deal.

I’ve had a RAV4 as a rental and found it to be decent.

For gas models you should be $1k under MSRP and no add-ons. Maybe less. Check the marketplace. I don’t know the east coast market but I’m california, $1500 under happens from time to time now.

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Reading these is easy once you know what you’re looking at.

Shhhh don’t let Trism hear you.


Is the NY government fee $457? I know PA doc fee is 422.
Asking for another deal, though.

$30 difference in doc fees isn’t going to really change your payment.

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Those are two entirely different things. PA doc fee (all doc fees go to the dealer) has nothing to do with NY government fees and taxes, which vary by county within NYS so you need to google that.


$900 for a Rav4… the amount of better SUVs for that is crazy


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Did the dealer get any chocolates, wine or at least some of these out before coming up with that price?


You could probably lease an X5 for less.

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You could lease tons of luxury SUVs for less.


I signed in just to heart that Forest Gump clip, haha

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The ole “run Forrest run” clip has to come out once in a while, but only on deals that warrant it🤪

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im a f&i at nissan and you are getting charged over sticker by 6k plan and simple

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That quote is 2500 over msrp… taxes and fees are added into that sales price using that software program.

I dont believe so. I use reynolds as well in blue screen

taxes are accounted for in line 16 and can be edited through ST screen, EA or EO. total init is 3767.11 which is tax, dmv, and doc fee

Not with $0 due at signing. Care to share where you’ve seen a new X5 advertised for less?

We can all agree that OP’s deal is horrible.

Dont remember where I saw the X5 number. I was just ball-parking.

Here is a new X5 for less than $900?