2022 Toyota RAV4 Help! Dealership's Offer looks fishy!


Hi all,
I’m in NY and want to lease a 2022 RVA4 LTD AWD from PA.
MSRP is $4,1528 and here is my calculation for 36/12 sign and drive with zero down (calculator)
I already included doc fee, gov fee, acquisition fee. Why they add an extra $3767 upfront fee that should be rolled in the lease?

Dealership Email:
" Total upfronts are $3767.11 that gets rolled from the sales price that are due at signing.
So selling price is:
*Since you are putting zero down in that scenario.

Best I can do is:
$898 a month

Am I missing something?


You’re missing a lot of things if youre entertaining paying $800+/mo for a rav4


Why are you paying over sticker for a gas rav 4?

Thats a garbage deal, look at the marketplace section. You can get a much nicer car for that payment.


This is a totally nonsensical statement. The sales price here is $47188. Money down does not change the sales price.


This is the understatement of the year.

$977/mo to lease a rav4…


Run Away GIF


The 3767 is for taxes and doc and he rolled them into the cap it looks like…plus you are paying ~2000 over MSRP. Pay tax and doc upfront so you aren’t paying interest on them too if inside lease.

Thank you all! That’s what exactly I thought!
I found more than 30 options on Edmunds in 400 miles radios from NY, but when I contact the sales managers, they all say it’s reserved or come with a crazy markup when the car is on the lot

I included the tax and all fees already, and the calculator added them already. it seems to me the dealership just added a random $3767 upfront which looks like the sum of tax and fees, which is not.

$5500 ADM, wow you have a lot of money to give away.

Talk to @Jrouleau426 , see if he has a Toy for you.


I can help you, run far away from a RAV 4 period. Far far away.


Then just lease a Mazda CX-50 instead. Way better lease, and arguably better value.


Because of the car itself or the deals?

Rav 4 has a bit of reputation here of a not so exciting or good car to drive. Not a bad car, but not a good car.

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Horrible looks inside and out. Nasty plastics, the same type used in 90’s Fisher-Price toddlers toys. Infotainment screen from 2004. Anemic disgusting engine. Devoid of any steering feel or input. Uncomfortable seats.

My girlfriend drives a 2021. I cannot imagine how any mentally competent human being could spend hundreds of their valuable dollars to drive one each month.

This is also not a car you should lease. You will come out better in a purchase due to the real-world residual.


Way way more than that

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Thank you. I can absolutely destroy this quote. Even though limiteds are tough to get I’m sure I can get one or a better option in hybrid for less. Even a venza xle is a better deal at 39k imo

Text me to see what I have coming in and pricing



They better not be making a profit!


The 4XE transfer was dead on arrival but it lead to a post that provided this forum an entire new punchline, till the next one comes along….


Dealers still use that old desking software?

Reminds me on finishing up a level on a Nintendo game in the 80’s.

At that price, they should atleast give you a
2023 MY LOL