2022 QX60 - 2nd row question

I heard the 2022 QX60 will be available around August or September. Does anyone on LH know if they will be offering a second row captain seat option for the 2022 model?


looking at the video here 2022 Infiniti QX60 Shows Off Its Sleek Redesign In New Teaser Video during one of the turns when the camera is straight at the windshield (around 1:34), it doesn’t look like there is a middle headrest and the outlines of the seats in the 2nd row look like they are separate. But that’s not really a true confirmation of anything as the sunglare is insane.

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i dont think infiniti survives long enough to actually unveil a 2022 qx60, but maybe i’m wrong.

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I just hope that “all new 9 speed” is not the ZF one that Honda uses / used. Because if it is they could of just kept their CVT and call it a day.

it is the zf 9 speed.

WOW. They just hate what’s left of their customer base

You’re just now figuring that out?

I ran away from Nissan after I finally managed to get them to buy back my 13 pathfinder and never looked back at that clusterf&*(&k. But you’d think they would try to do something not-stupid to bring people back.

I knew all hope was lost for infiniti when they couldn’t even be bothered to make the UI between their two infotainment screens look like they were from the same brand.

August or Sep?? Why couldn’t it be Julyyyyy. My current QX60 is up in July and really was hoping to get the new one. Hypothetically they could offer captain’s chairs, but for some reason I doubt it.

You might be able to extend your current lease but the 2022 is very likely to lease poorly initially

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Any reason for that? I can think of many worse brands than Infiniti.

I have the '18 QX60 and I like it a lot minus the infotainment.

You have to hope there’s a massive loyalty rebate… I’m due in Sept 2021 too

No doubt it will lease poorly! I learned the hard way on my first ever lease with a brand new '14 Q50 hybrid… Prior to discovering this community lol.
QX60 is my 6th Infiniti to date, so I’m hoping for some deals from those dealers who gave me a deal in the past.
@mung35 Currently there’s a 2000 loyalty, per official infiniti letter i received the other day. Hopefully it will extend to the new model.

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This is my personal take only. Nissan / Infinity have been nothing but a giant mess of reliability issues, confusing product lines and the company itself is a financial mess. Nissan went from respectable brand to airport rent-a-car brand which in turn brings their luxury division into question for a lot of people. QX60 specifically has been the same car since 2013, is missing a ton of modern conveniences, the packages were / are ridiculously expensive which brought the car to a price range where better and more modern alternatives are available. I think between reliability and not refreshing anything they lost a ton of customers to other brands with better value propositions.

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i have close to 80 infiniti customers coming off lease this year. i doubt more than 10 of them stay w the brand. the only reason they went w it was price. for a while, a qx60 was actually cheaper than a pathfinder.

there will be a 6-8 month window this year where infiniti will have nothing to sell. lease support on the qx60 signature stops at the end of Feb. the qx50, unless you have lease loyalty or msd it, is more expensive than its competition. the q50 is a joke. the brand is finished.

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Yeah the only reason we upgraded to an SUV was how dirt cheap I got my QX60…

I think any comparable lease of a 3-row in the next 6 months will be at least $100-200 per month higher…

For what I pay - it’s great value