2022 Porsche Macan - 5 Months / One Pay - ~$770/Month + Tax, Starts 8/1/23

2022 Porsche Macan
Location: New York (Brooklyn, Manhattan, etc.)

Dolomite Silver Metallic with turbo wheels and premium package plus

MSRP: 69,420
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $0
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided): ~$770 + tax

Current mileage: 8,600 (will increase until transfer effective date)
Maturity mileage: 21,734
Effective miles per month: ~2,000+
Maturity date: 2/14/24

MSD due (if any): None
Cash due (if any): One payment of $3850

Financial institution: Porsche Financial Services
Transfer fee: $100 App Fee/$900 Transfer Fee
Out-of-state transfer allowed: Yes, but must be picked up in NY, or you can arrange shipping at your own cost and risk.

A couple of notes-

  • Transfer will be started immediately, takes PFS 2-3 weeks to get the transfer completed
  • It was a ~6.5K mile loaner so it wasn’t perfect when received
  • Two keys
  • It’s got a small windshield ding. Given NY and it’s on the far passenger side, and hasn’t spread, I didn’t care to replace it.
  • Car will be delivered detailed or I can offer a small detail credit if you want to use your own guys.
  • Includes Porsche carpet mats.
  • This lease could be extendible, but seller makes no representations beyond what’s included here.
  • I will include the front plate tow-hook bracket that I use and the original front bumper plate mount (not mounted).
  • aside from the above mentions car is in great condition. No smoking, vaping, eating in the car, no car seats in the back, mostly no passengers in the back anyway
  • Lower mileage than many Porsche loaners
  • oil change and first maintenance done by dealer before delivery on ~2/15/23

How does this one pay work?

  • Upon handshake and application, you will pay me a non-refundable $500 deposit to make the transfer yours. You will then pay the app and transfer fees to PFS.
    If the buyer backs out for any reason, the deposit will be forfeited. This is also not negotiable. I want this to be quick and painless for both of us and if you’re wanting to lock this in now and effectively take it off the market, this is the best way to demonstrate a commitment.

  • Upon credit acceptance and PFS transfer, you will present a certified bank check for the balance due on delivery.

Build sheet:

Thank you @Bostoncarconcierge and @mattevan for your template(s)


Would this get someone Conquest on an SL?




Interested. Sent you a PM.

So spend 5k on this to get the 20k SL conquest. That is a no brainer. But then what would I do with this monstrosity? Park it with the keys in it in Newark?

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Am I the only one that plans on keeping the Macan :slight_smile:

JK JK JK glws


I’m keeping mine, and plan on getting another one when this one is up.


Love the car, my favorite of ~15 in last couple years by far and hope to get another, but for now will be traveling for a bit in august and fall and car would be collecting dust

surprised that no one noticed the msrp on this


It’s $50 off from being a meme


I would’ve taken it if msrp was $50 less


Happy to hold back the OG front plate mount - think that should be the $50 bringing you to $69,420


@IAC_Scott @LeaseNYC i was like what the fook are you talking about
this man wrote 69420…but i see the window sticker now he got excited


I’ll take it back with keys and all in ~October :joy:

What does the SL lease look like even with Conquest?

Someone elses was 69420

As a data point, my PFS one-pay transfer took 18 days from start to finish.

Two different states.


Thanks, that’s good intel. As long as the transfer is completed (or is initiated enough?) before 8/14 should be good right? Happy to start transfer ~7/20 or few days before to be safe.

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  1. Sl…what??
  2. Even with conquest & a significant dealer discount, $$$$$.

Nice MSRP.