2022 Nissan Frontier S 18month 10k lease $195 a month 195 DAS

2022 Nissan Frontier S Crew Cab 4x4 w/tech package

Msrp: 34975
Price: 34000
Fees: 1301
DAS: 195
Monthly: 195
10k miles, 18 months
Midwest region
Cant find the mf on the contract but manager said it was base

Cant get the calculator to work with the numbers at all and the contract shows no tax, so maybe this one gets unwound. The dealer couldn’t figure out how to do an 18 month lease…

Only took emails to a couple dealers to get them fighting each other. The dealer will get back with me if this can be replicated. They do not know how to do msd’s and had no interest in learning.

First time posting, let me know if im missing anything.

Added 1/12/22: Dealer said they can get close to replicating for local area sales. PM if you are in the Kansas City area and I’ll share dealer name. They are not interested in anything outside local area.


Take the :crown:


This is baffling. They have software that takes care of everything for them. Were they employing an abacus and carving stone tablets?


Should be listed as rent charge, that is the total rent charge, which is determined using the mf.

Post it a censored contract and I’d be happy to provide a calc.

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I think i redacted everything. Looking at it now, it even shows it as a pro 4x when i definitely have a S sitting in my driveway…

Why are there no fees? Doc, dmv, bank?

I think they’re added to gross cap

Does the vin on the truck match the contract?

Mf is .00226, idk if that’s base

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Excellent job! I would take one to play in for that price.

Ha never even checked the vin.

Can you upload the section that shows breakdown of gross cap cost so we can get a better representation and possibly more accurate calculator


650 acquisition
500 dealer fee
151 government fees


Looks like no tax anywhere lol might be kicked back

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Thanks, could not get it to get it to add up even though i had all the same inputs.

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MF is .00227 for January, was .00213 last month
RV is 99% on the S for 18/10K-for everyone that is “waiting” for their Wrangler 4Xe this is a great deal to have while they wait…


The contract posted shows .00226 unless it’s wrong and it’s off by ~$15

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Goodbye LT1’s and Wrangler 4XE’s, hello Nissan Frontier S


They may not fund it and have the OP resign, most likely…also MSD’s could’ve brought it down to $182/mo


Dealer refused to do msd’s, tried with every person i talked with, including GM and finance manager. All insisted it was impossible for Nissan… despite me even showing the finance manager where it was on his screen.

Considering the discount, wasnt worth being a jerk about (its never worth being a jerk…)