2022 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL lease

After test driving a 2022 Outlander I decided to see what the numbers would look like. I told the guy I wanted to be at or lower than my 2021 Honda passport which is 412 per month with 1800 down. And this is what they came up with. I’m not happy with these numbers. Any opinions? Thanks!

My advice would be to extend the lease on your Passport if you can. Or consider buying it out of the buy out is below market value.

Unfortunately my passport has a lot off issues. It was suggested to get rid of it rather than taking it to the shop continuously.

Ahh I see. Honestly, I would probably just start in the marketplace and see what comparable SUVs have good deals from the brokers/dealers in your area unless you’re dead set on Outlander. It’s just not an SUV that leases great.

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Yea that’s the issue I’m facing. It seems all the SUVs I’m looking at aren’t leasing well. (Outlander,VW Tiguan, Jeep Grand Cherokee)

Look into the Rogue. Same vehicle with same powertrain, it has a little less cargo capacity but better mpg.

Show me the Money… Factor. :slight_smile:

Now isn’t a great time to buy or lease a new vehicle. The dealerships have lost their minds with the markups. It may be cheaper in the long run to spend a few grand and fix your current vehicle. If you want to go with that deal go back and negotiate the overall cost of the vehicle then talk leasing options.

Yea we tried and got the excuse of there isn’t much moving on the numbers. Leases are based off msrp. Knowing that’s kind of bs considering I didn’t lease my current car at msrp 7 months ago.

I would lease a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (Altitude trim is even better). You probably get pretty close to, or beat, the numbers on the Outlander with a better vehicle (check the broker offerings on this site). Plus, you should have some equity in your Passport that you could get a couple thousand dollar check for which will help cover some, if not all, of the delta.

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No way I’d pay $570 a month for an Outlander. It’s not worth it. My parents have had multiple Mitsubishis and I find them cheap and uncomfortable. There are fewer dealers to get warranty work done at. You should expand your search and checkout market place. Have you looked into a CX5?

I would wait until the dealerships come back to their senses. I believe later this year the car market will be upside down. Leases are being bought out at record numbers and new cars are sitting on the lot longer than usual.

How does the Rogue have less cargo space when the Outlander is the one shoving a third row of seats in there?

Never talk numbers with a dealer without already knowing what they should be first.


I’ll cut to the chase. You’re not going to find any good leases in this segment.

You’ll need to choose something to finance

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Why not use lemon law here?

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ugh nevermind a 2021 passport? that might be buyers remorse than lemon law.
Because taking it to the shop continously is a bit suspicious.

Its a lease, under warranty, no? “Getting rid of it” was suggested by whom exactly? Find a different dealer to service it or as @BoardWalkNJ suggested, consider a Lemon Law claim if it’s having serious issues.

Any reason why you’re shopping the SEL which is the highest trim? Have you looked at the SE which comes with a lot of goodies.

Have the researched every trim level within the Outlander to determine which has the most favorable MF and RV?

You need to do your HW first when your shopping any car , not just the Outlander.

It was suggested by an attorney that it might be easier to get rid of it than to deal with the long process of the lemon law. I can keep taking the vehicle in for repair but it’s $45 a day to have a loaner car at the dealer and it’s adding up very fast. Not a huge deal if I don’t find a deal right now or get rid of my current car. It was just an idea to see what my options are.