2022 Macan Loaner. $69.6k MSRP. 18.2% off. 24/12k. Effective $769 per month

Signed on Monday. 2022 Macan Loaner with 8100 miles. Calculator below. Did not want to roll everything in the payments. So paid tax and fees and some extra $ down.

MSRP- $69.6k
Selling Price- $56.9k
Term- 24/12k
MF- .0035

Drive off- $5k
Monthly- $585
Effective payment $769 per month.

Calculator link below.


How were the longer terms? Worse I take it?

Correct! 36 months with 12k miles was about 40 bucks more I believe. And 39 months was around 10 bucks or so more. 36 and 39 residual is the same.

Also, just preferred having a shorter term.


Nice discount, thank you for including effective payment in the title.

18% dealer discount on a Porsche no less… Amazing. Did that loaner sleep with GMs wife or something, he wanted it gone that bad? Congratulations and enjoy!


Why didn’t you go for 12 mo?


Is this replicable :slight_smile:

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Could be pretty tough as that may be a loaner unicorn deal.


Sounds like a great deal.

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For the 39 mo term, was the monthly or effective monthly $10/mo more? If the former, that means the $5k DAS would be spread out longer, so your effective payment would have been actually lower at $708/mo.

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Effective by $10 or so. The residual on 39/12k is 64%.

With that extra $182 per month over the legendary (for this week) Macan’t deal you could have bought/leased/paid for the following:

  1. Bought a Volvo 1988 240 DL for the Volvo loyalty (one payment of $182);
  2. Leased a 2010 RR for 3 months with $0 DAS and a 1% RV (3 payments of $182)
  3. Paid 5% of the total cost to remediate the mold and fix your Tesla trunk with no insurance and no warranty ($182 applied to the total bill of $3,640).

Just sayin’

all kidding aside that’s a good deal on the Macan, so congrats!


How does PFS treat (allow?) third party buyouts? Are you expecting equity here at the end of the lease?

I don’t know what’s the RV on a 24/12 lease, but if you look at the 12/15 deal everyone is going crazy about, at 80% RV with 20% discount you will be paying mostly interest so it’s unlikely to have much equity at the end. Your RV is basically the same as the price you are paying today.

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So at lease end you would expect to have 0 equity (and have paid XX in interest)? the nyc deal that got people going at ~20% off has ~4k rent charge and ~2k depreciation with the remainder in taxes and fees, if I’m doing this correctly.

logically if you pay 80% of MSRP today, all else equal you shouldn’t have more equity in 12 months.

But you definitely won’t have any equity in 24 months either

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@Manny0716 how did you get 73% residual on 24/12? I’m seeing 65% on 24/10… Is that residual right?

@wam22 any chance you could confirm the 24/12k residual? :smiley:


I was looking at the same thread, don’t know how I missed that. Thank you.