2022 Lexus LX - Thrills with Grilles

That grille :joy_cat:

Looks sweet to me. Better than all these huge flat blocky truck fronts you are seeing recently. Too bad there will be an insane wait and premium on these for quite a while. They never were a deal before I cannot imagine what premiums they will command for 2022.

Can someone ask the Chinese to stop buying cars?


Hideous looking front end for an suv. Imagine how many people this design goes through before approval. Mind boggling…

It’s not any worse than that bmw monstrosity

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i think i just threw up in my mouth. also, the BeaverW grille is ugly.

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Does it really need 6 screens too? Reminds me of when Homer Simpson designs a car with a bunch of horns. “You can never find the horn when you’re mad!”



It’s a shame it’s not better looking. Overall it seems like an impressive offering from lexus.

Somewhat of a consolation for North America not getting the new Land Cruiser.

To be fair, it doesn’t look as heinous in the side view IMO. That image above isn’t the most flattering angle.

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I’d say the side profile looks worse lol. I don’t care for the rounded curves…gives too much of a crossover/van taste.



You mean West Taiwan?

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Can just throw a steel bumper on it. Kits for the 2016+ look pretty good.

New Toyotas and Lexus are starting to look very similar. This looks like an Avalon on roids.

A Lexus LX resembling another Toyota product…shocking! :rofl:

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All about the badge not the design…duh

Lana Del Rey Yes GIF

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Arabs love them too. I’ve been a passenger in more LX, Landcruisers, and Patrols than anything else except a taxi.

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Yah, but China has enough volume to drive design decisions

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RIP Mitsubishi Pajero.