2022 Lexus LX - Thrills with Grilles

This is worst then the grill. How hard is it to build in screen? This looks so out of place…


I feel like they are just going thru the parts bin & figured we have too many of these… just use this.

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120k vehicle I want it all built in like the gwagon etc. Japanese companies just seem to like bulky looking screens. Toyota is no exception.

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I don’t love the tacked-on iPad look, but I prefer it to the cowl that comes w/ a more integrated screen. I think a free-standing screen helps the dash to feel air-ier.

I personally think that BMW, Genesis, and Acura (!) do the nicest screen integration.

My probs w/ the LX screens are that

  1. There’s two of them
  2. The housings for the 2 screens are totally incompatible.

Is the 2-screen set up available in other (non-US) markets? I wonder if it’s not, leading to this crappy looking design.

When you have two designers who don’t talk to each other.

Ive said it before, but these designs must go through 100+ people before production. No one objects? Same with commercials.

I don’t mind 2 screen look…i just want it better integrated. Range Rover, Audi & others have been able to do it.

These don’t look like theyre part of the same design…looks like the top screen is just an after thought

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Hopefully the two screens are actually the same resolution and don’t have two totally different UI design languages like Infiniti likes to do

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Worst ever. At least that was a 2015 q50 I dealt with it. In 2022 it’s unacceptable

The top screen just has no relationship to anything else on the dash. Just stuck on there at random. Seems like it could have been integrated just to the right of the gauge cluster.

Thing looks like a sega game gear. If it actually detached and let me play sonic it would likely be more useful…

Also makes no sense for the knobs to be on that screen.

Like these SUVs have sitting position so far away from the dash, no one wants to reach all the way to use the knobs.