2022 Land Rover Defender 110 S (again)

In the immortal words of DJ Khaled, “Another one.”

MSRP: $72,150
Selling Price: $70,905
Monthly Payment: $835 ($774 pre-tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $2750
Months: 33
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .00128
Residual: 70%
Incentives: LOL
Region: NY/NJ


Is this the third one?

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That’s right.

laNd ROveRs aRe sO UnrELIAblE


They aren’t, especially if you don’t even get the chance to tear the plastic wrap off of the infotainment.

Congrats! I’m sure she’ll see plenty of mud.


Congrats !!

p.s. the next one should be the all black “murdered out” V8

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Look at that residual!

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Great, this one even with discount in current market, which is insane.


Congrats @mattevan! This is your best one yet in my opinion - can’t wait to see the next one in 3 months!


Every thread gets ruined by….

Fill in the blank


I’m going to give this gavone some free advice.

Talk less, listen more.

There is a wealth of knowledge here and elsewhere, don’t blow this kid.


Why so many?

Isn’t there horse lover membership that gives you 10% off of LR coupon code? I wander if you looked into it?

Membership with the US Equestrian Society, along with Chase Private Client, used to pay off in LR discounts that the general public never saw. I think pin deals were made into glue a while ago.

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So the pins are at dealer discretion. Best deals can be found if they have a leftover employee pin to spare at end of quarter.

Which dealership was this at? Just started looking around for one and most in the NJ area are looking for a significant mark up.

Powder coat the wheels bronze or gunmetal!

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I don’t disagree. The color of the rims is the weak link in the curb appeal. I’m not sure I want to spend money on a lease, though.

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Is the car from Land Rover Manhattan?

Or buy a second set in the color you like and keep wear off the originals.

Reputable wheels should retain at least 50% resale value.

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