2022 LA Auto Show Nov 18-27

Yeah… Charge Cars created an EV using the 67 as a model:


Sorry for the pics spam… just posting stuff from my phone that I thought was interesting… mostly EVs and new models.

Now that I’m back at a computer… it was a pretty good show, better than the OC one. I was able to finally check out some Volvos… they weren’t there but a dealership, Galpin, was there with Mazdas, Volvos and another brand I can’t remember.

No MBZ, BMW or Audi as I mentioned earlier.

Got to sit in a Grand Cherokee 4xE… it’s nice… wish it came out earlier as I would have probably got that instead of the truck.

Saw the Ioniq 6 and the GV70… need to find those pics in my phone if I remembered to take them.

Didn’t stay very long… so sort of rushed through everything… supposedly missed petting some dogs at the Subaru area. :frowning:

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Vinfast had a huge area and all 4 models were there:

Only thing… batteries not included. :slight_smile:

How did the Hyperion look in person?

It looked good. Couldn’t sit inside it but I think there was another floor model I missed. Sort of reminded me of the Mach 5 from Speed Racer. :slight_smile:

They were right next to Vinfast and the Hyundai N so I got distracted.

I had a different take I failed to finish posting on Sunday night: I was really disappointed by the show this year. This is the OEM’s chance to announce concepts/products and get feedback. Several big OEMs were a no-show (making it too similar to OC/SD or any other regional show full of commodity cars), AND handing so much floor space over to Gaupin felt like an autoGROUP show. It was an indoor auto mall, with less than half the food trucks. Not to mention an indoor Ioniq 5 drive event consuming all the floor space Audi and RR previously occupied.

The Volvo and Polestar sections specifically were :poop: (zero wagons? No P3?). I’m glad I had the entire weekend in LA and didn’t drive-in just for this. Finally touching the VW microbus (a 2-decade tease) was the only LAAS-like experience I had this year.


That Genesis convertible looks sleek.

If they would put an ICE engine in the VW bus, then I would buy it.

If VW would bring the Polo to the US like they promised twice, I’d buy two.

I won’t be an early adopter, but I’m hoping to be over my former VW lemon around Y2 of the id.buzz - I have evil plans for one, ICE or EV.

I get that.

For me, I like the “auto mall” feeling because it gives me a chance to sit in different brands/models of cars without having to deal with salespeople (although a few asked me to fill out surveys).

I just really wish MBZ and Audi were there.

One of the the highlights was seeing the Lordstown truck which wasn’t even on the show floor but at an EV charging vendor booth in the lobby. That and being able to sit inside the ID Buzz was worth it for me.

Honda was barely there… I don’t even remember what they had which was strange to me.

I think 2024 is going to be an interesting year with more EVs… hope to see some larger EV SUVs out by then.

They and BMW don’t want to mingle with the riffraff like us. They’ve basically said so.

They spend that money on going to Pebble Beach instead.

They’re at the Phoenix auto show though

Where did they say that?

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I do not believe the space was handed over to Galpin. I believe that Galpin essentially took over for some of the manufacturers who decided not to attend this year. Pre-Covid, Galpin had its own exhibit space where it would feature tricked out cars from its many dealerships in the LA area.