2022 Kia K5 GT Line - $350/mo, $1380 1st month+fees DAS

Hello all. First time posting a deal.
I’m going down to sign tonight.
Originally, I was offered $380/mo with $380 DAS. Offered to add $1000 to not only cover the taxes and fees but to make the payment lower (I know, never put money down on a lease).
This is my first lease, keep in mind.

All their models had at least a $3000 markup on the window. They were willing to go about $500 under MSRP. In these conditions, I figured anything under MSRP is better than over.

Also, this model is brand new, so there isn’t a ton of info available. I figured this isn’t too bad of a deal all things considered.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2022 Kia K5 GT Line - Sapphire Blue
MSRP: $27,632
Selling Price: $26,960
Monthly Payment: $350 (Base $325 + taxes)
Drive-Off Amount: $1380
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00119
Residual: 66%
Incentives: 0
Region: California - Cerritos
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

I know this isn’t the best deal, but given the market conditions, especially where I live, I thought it was okay for me.

Highly recommend checking with @legendsauto before you sign. The one I am picking up today is a 2021 Kia K5 GT-Line that has a premium package installed - MSRP is about $28,500 and my monthly will be $277 including tax, with $2000 drive off. Not sure if that same deal is available but it beat what the dealers were trying to pull when I was reaching out locally.

I also looked into the Kia Stinger GT-Line, but that was going to be over $400 a month with $3000 down. Not a lot of dealers have them but it is an option. Good luck!

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Wow $277 is awesome. I didn’t really want to put that much down though tbh.

Plus, I’m looking at a 2022 which literally just came out so that’s probably my payment is higher. And I don’t really need the premium package.

But that’s a great deal, and I appreciate the input.

I volunteered the $2000 down to make the payments a bit manageable, I am sure I could have put down $1000 out of pocket with a payment around $307 or so. I didn’t ask for the premium package but many dealers are out of the GT-Line right now and that was the one that came available.

Wouldn’t hurt to post in the ‘Wanted Ads’ section that you are looking for a 2022 Kia K5 GT-Line and you will get some messages from brokers with what they can do. :slight_smile:

Ah I see. Yeah I thought about putting up a little more to bring the payment down as well since this is sort of a interim car for me for a couple years until the market stabilizes. So, maybe I’ll do that.

I did inquire with LegendsAG tho, so I’ll see what they say.

Sounds good! The original quote was $247 + tax (7.75 here) with $2000 down, payments would have been around $267. The installed package increased it by only about $10 or so and there were none others available.

Next up is selling my current lease (2019 Civic LX Sedan) to Carmax for about $5500 in equity. Like you, just wanted to take advantage of crazy market and get the best lease I could without breaking bank!

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What was the pre-incentive discount?

About 5%, I can confirm once I take delivery in a few hours. There was also a $1200 lease cash deal Kia has on the K5 GT-Line. Checked Edmunds for money factor and residual and came up with .00116 and 64%.

Yeah, I didn’t see any lease cash offers for mine.
And I think I only got about a 2% discount off MSRP.

:+1: - That info will help folks looking for a similar deal.

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$3000 mark ups and only 500 off msrp?

Even though we all have equity in our used cars, getting anything off msrp thats reasonable on new leases is certainly getting difficult.

Did you have a trade in or? I know you said it was your first lease…

I don’t have a trade-in, no.

I had done a lot of leasing research and was hoping to go in confident and get a good discount. Then I decided to pick the worst time in human history to buy a car. But it’s sort of become a necessity, and I didn’t want anything that was going to break the bank. But I also wanted something with a little pizzaz and I think the K5 has a lot of great high-end features at not a high-end price.

And with everyone I’ve been dealing with, getting any sort of discount or price below msrp is a win in my book.

The mark-ups they had listed were insane. One of them was 10,000.

since there is no question here, I’ve moved this to the Share a Deal section

I originally posted it in Share a Deal and someone edited to Ask a Hackr.

lol. oh well. hopefully they will see my explanation and leave it alone. maybe it was moved because you didn’t yet sign. But, I’ll stand by my decision since there is nothing being asked. :slight_smile:

I should also mention I tried to get them to remove the $599 charge for “Theft Deterrent” which wasn’t specifically stated as ‘vin etching’ but he called it ‘phantom’ something.
I told him I didn’t want it and he refused to take it off.

Very happy with the K5 GT Line!! Discount ended up being 6%. The drive home was very fun, it has some great tech and goes nice and fast when pushed. :slight_smile: Thanks again @legendsauto !


Nice! We got the same car brother.
Mine is the 2022 tho.
I spoke with legends auto but he was too far away from me and I was content with my deal.

Closed last night. And you’re right it’s a blast to drive! I’m loving it.

Awesome, congrats!!

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Same numbers as the first post?