2022 Kia K5 GT line $335 36/10


Got this deal today for the lady. Given the market I’m happy with it as looks better and comes with more features than my 5 series did LOL.

Everything was done over the phone and given the fact im 86d from half the dealers in CO, this was helpful lol

2022 Kia K5 GT FWD
Payment::$361 includes 8.5% tax
Term: 36/10
DAS: $410

Rate: .00118
Residual: 65%


K5 GT starts at over 31000 MSRP. Is this a K5 GT or is it the GT-Line?

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Sorry my mistake. Yes GT Line

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nice deal. congrats

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Not bad at all in this environment…

Good looking car and congrats


Does if have the red seats? Shows on the window sticker, but doesn’t look like it from the pics (but it is kind of hard to see inside).

I think most of them do come with the red seats. For some reason my lady didn’t like those so we found ones with black. Everything else the same tho.

That guy willing to overpay for the red seated Camry would have loved these…


Great job. Test drove this last week but all local dealers here are adding $1-$2k to msrp no exceptions and selling them with ease. Blows my mind.

Did you compare fwd with awd model? I felt the fwd was quicker and more fun, but wiry on the highway. AWD felt more stable on highway, but slower and front heavy.

Either way great deal and great looking car.

Was initially looking for the awd but they were literally selling the day they came in! So settled for the FWD as one came in that morning. I think the awd and FWD had similar payments just the FWD version had more features for a similar payment. Ultimately took whatever we could as they were selling out so fast lol

Honestly a great car tho looks and features wise! Very happy but I imagine the AWD performs better like you said!

Great deal for sure.

Over by me, every single dealer selling 4k+ over sticker the same day they come off the truck lol. I am definitely out of luck

That’s insane! My deal was pretty straightforward as most kias allow you to structure the deal online. Discount was very minimum tho. Around 1000$

I’ve always had the impression that Kia prices are pretty good for what you get in terms of features / design. I’ve never driven one, how do you guys think they hold up against similarly priced competitors?

Where did you do this online? I see only get a quote from Kia USA and my local dealer doesn’t have the option to structure a deal.

To be honest i was shocked how nice this car is looks and features wise.

It was 100% more equipped and nicer looking than my 60k 5 series lol…

It literally drives itself with the lane control and has premium features throughout… For the money i dont think you can get better honestly… KIA is still kia which is the only downside people have with it is the logo on the front but for a money to money comparison it is equipped up there with the most expensive of the german brands.

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just on the actual dealers website… It had a buy now option which accurately calculated the lease price and what not which was helpful because the dealer couldn’t lie about the numbers like they tend to do

Thanks! So the actual dealer info was the deal you took (and posted)? If so, surprised in these crazy times.

here is there website so you can see what i mean!


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Similarly priced purchase or similarly priced lease?

Many of the kias are fantastic vs the competition on purchase price, but they often don’t have great lease programs.

Yea was just thinking about MSRPs.