2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4XE

I’m not sure what was going on. I ordered a MY22. Cancelled. Order displayed again as a MY23. Cancelled. Then it finally was shown again as a MY23 and it has stuck.

I really don’t plan on seeing the vehicle this year with it being a MY23, so I’m more than likely not taking delivery (one way or another). It would be a nice vehicle, but oh well.


I really wanted this build with the tan interior, but it unfortunately was no longer available on the SR.




Funny thing, I looked back and I had ordered on 09/02. ha

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Yeah mine initially had “BG” status and then supposedly was cancelled.

2023 will most likely not come before year end but you never know

Yeah, that was my thinking. I figured I’ll just wait it out and see, not much to lose. Worst case is I help my dealer out and he gets a unit (he wouldn’t have had otherwise) for inventory. If it does come before EOY, it should be a no-brainer take.

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Hydro dual tone really pops on the car. So weird they force you to pick a combo. Can’t even blame shortages for that.

Yeah, the HA package was unavailable when I had ordered. I actually really like the rims that come with it as well. Jeep did one hell of a job with that vehicle IMO. Outside of some additional tech & quality of materials used, I think the luxury import suv’s are going to get a run for their money.

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FWIW my my22 Summit Reserve also shows up on the hacker tracker as a MY23. Vin says it’s a 22. It’s in production.

Was an ETA of delivery provided?

No, not yet. I’ll keep watching it and update. It’s day 2 in E status.

Day 18 of E status here :man_facepalming:t2:

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Is your a Summit Reserve MY22 also? If it’s a MY22, does it show as a MY23 in any of the hacker trackers?

It’s a base. I though we established that the indication it’s a 23 was a tracker error. Vin decoder still shows it as a 22. Last my dealer saw was that it was in paint status. But that was almost a week ago.

I missed that! Tracker error makes sense.

Took delivery last week. Lots of nice features for a base model. Only somewhat negative thought so far is that the engine is on the louder side, similar to the Wranglers


like what? how does it drive so far?

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How is sound isolation overall? I imagine it is a quieter cabin than the Wrangler’s at speed, so you’re probably going to be able to hear more engine noise.

My base model has: blind spot monitoring, lane keep, remote start, and pano roof…

nice to have is the second passenger screen with HDMI capability but haven’t used it yet. Digital dash also looks nice

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Haven’t really driven highway much but in local driving definitely can hear the loud engine…

Price holes this week

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