2022 Honda civic touring purchase

Title: can’t tell if I got a good deal with current market( that sucks ) !!!
This is a purchase NOT LEASE

2022 Honda Civic touring Black on black

MSRP: $29,295.00
Selling Price:$30,844.70 (everything included) (includes $995 destination)
Proc/Doc **$199
Government fees $353.25
Taxes 7%dupage county

OUT THE DOOR $33,648.86**

THIS INCLUDES $6,017.02 in packages and accessories

—All-Season Protection Package I - All-Season Floor Mats, Splash
Guard Set and Trunk Tray.
—HPD™ Package - HPD™ Decklid Spoiler, HPD™ Emblem, HPD™
Front Underbody Spoiler, and more.

—Body Side Molding
—Door Edge Film
—Door Handle Film
—Emblems, Front and Rear H-Mark and Civic – Gloss Black
—Rear Bumper Appliqué
—Cargo Net
—Illuminated Door Sill Trim - Red

2 year / 24k miles Honda care maintenance 0 deductible (for free to close the deal)

Incentives: $500 college grad to be added on the out the door price

Total everything listed with the $500 grad OTD is $33,148,86

Delivery in 1.5 weeks b4 end of month July

How much of this is on the Monroney label (factory window sticker)?

That looks like $6,000 worth of sewage.

Is this the MSRP (from the Monroney label)?


Yeah MSRP window is $29,295

What about the sewage?

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but HPD™


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The $29,295 includes nothing but the car stock nothing included

Well, let’s be fair. It’s probably not worth anywhere near $6k (after all, they’re “charging” $1000 for all weather floor mats), but at least they don’t seem to be charging $6k for it either.

I’m seeing a full MSRP deal with $1500 mark up for a bunch of useless crap for a honda civic. Could be worse I guess, but it certainly doesn’t excite me.


I’m not convinced all (or any) of the items on that sheet are on the window sticker.

I haven’t looked at a Honda sticker lately (or perhaps ever), but how many manufacturers price every single option with random numbers after the decimal point?

None of those items are on the window sticker
The car alone no items included is $29,295

These packages and accessories were added by me I wanted them above the cost of car

Once the car deliveres they will then order and install all packages and accessories onto the car

Assuming the dealer is doing the install on them, they probably aren’t on the window sticker. It looks to me like the dealer is charging msrp and then giving the accessories for $1500 or so, which is still probably a mark up over their cost for them.

The dangerous thing to do in this situation is to look at the list price on those accessories and convince oneself that they’re getting a $4500 discount on this car because it’s only $1500 over msrp with $6k in accessories added.

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I agree with you but after 8 dealers and haggle nobody would go bellow $36,800 OTD 2 guys wouldn’t budge from $38,000

And I offered all dealers this deal in writing and they all told me they can’t match or to come back when the deal doesn’t go through.

Yes, everyone wants you to pay the early adopter tax on this. You’re paying a huge penalty to be the first new honda civic on the block. That’s a costly novelty that ought to wear out in about a week.


I couldn’t even absorb anything else while staring at a sheet with $6k in peace of mind.


Makes sense

But look at it this way and correct me if I’m wrong I respect everyone’s input that’s why I posted this. Not to be bashed but to see clearly on good or bad

But in a 150 mile radius there are 13 civic touring in black or dark grey
8 of which u can physically touch lol and 5 in transit but with Vins.

This number fell from July 1 at 19 civic touring in 150 mile radius

These cars obviously brand new but lack of inventory and no discounts are selling at Maximum $1500 off MSRP which is $29,295 for all of them

Then now I agree everything that I added on is not near the list prices or total price of $6000

But let’s step back and factor in getting each item individually and installing ur self
Yes all weather mats require 0 labor
But the HPD is something that’s pricy and I personally can’t install it im not that guy u know. And then removing the badges and replacing them with all black ones without damaging paint idk if that’s easy or hard
The door sill to remove it and then add one with a Red illuminated light meaning electrical work too again not something I can do not that guy

So going after market buying these items at cost price even u factor in Ok discounted labor from your buddies car shop

I still think everything listed is above the $1500 price point with the install

Again I haven’t gone and priced each item out and gone labor shopping I’m just thinking and writing I could be wrong you guys know better!

That Accessory Sheet is pulled from the Honda IN and is meant to be an ‘at-cost’ pricing for parts + labor. Most dealerships will mark that price up 30% or so to start and then give around a 10% discount off of it if needed. The fact that the dealership printed this and let you decide what to add (if anything) to the car is a good sign. Also I didn’t read the entire thread so I don’t know if anything added was actually required.


You probably won’t do much better on a new civic with all that stuff added in the current market. That doesn’t mean that the value is there. Just understand you’re spending a lot of extra money to be the first new economy car on the block.

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I hope you didn’t take that away from any of my posts.

My only concern is you spending money unnecessarily.

I’m really glad you posted the deal and asked.

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Not at all man, I understand the language and tone on this site. So your all good Bud!

Did you need a car or did you want a car?

Because those are just nasty numbers for a honda no matter which way you flip it. 36k-38k for a CIVIC???
After taxes and everything else you are at 40k. That’s absolutely disgusting for a CIVIC. I’ll be buying my car at end of lease so I’m not caught up in this sickening ludacris inflationary bubble.


You might want to try again after reading the first post.