2022 GLC - buy, lease or wait for the 2023?

Given how much a previous inquiry about a GLC lease was dumped on I post this with a bit of trepidation, but here we go anyway…

Wife has her heart set on a 2022 GLC300W4, and she wants it pretty decked out so we need to do a custom order. Normally we would buy the car outright and then drive it for 10+ years. However, since the 2023 redesign is 12-18 months out I am hesitant to do that and am thinking of doing a 24 or 36 month lease, and at that time re-evaluating whether to turn in the car and get the 2024 model or just buy it and use it for another 7-8 years. The intent here is to get some protection against the value of the 2022 GLC tanking when the 2023 comes out.

The terms are not great, but in this crazy market they are what they are. Dealer is willing to sell a custom order at MSRP (a rarity in socal), MF is not great but a 10x MSD lowers it to a not too unreasonable =0.00128 . The acquisition fee is a bit jacked up but not egregiously so.

How do people feel about each of the options I am contemplating:

a) Buy outright and 2-3 years down the road sell and buy a 2024 GLC
b) Lease for 24 months and then buy a 2024 GLC (64% residual, 0.00198 MF)
c) Lease for 36 months and then buy a 2024 or 2025 GLC (56% residual, 0.00198 MF)

I have ran the TCO numbers, and assuming that the car is worth close to residual value at the end of the lease term a 24 month lease and outright buy come out to a wash. However a 36 month lease ends up costing around $2k more than an outright buy.

Thoughts? If it was me I would just wait for the '23 but wife is impatient, and her '11 BMW X3 is starting to have enough hickups where I am annoyed at the maintenance costs.

Just buy the thing. Then you won’t even have to think about your situation in 2 yrs, 3 yrs or whatever. You will have full control over your situation and the terms.


Dear lord, if you must have this thing now then by all means please just buy it, as mentioned above.

24 mo. leases will rarely if ever make sense on something like a MB or BMW, this is just awful, you would be spending $28k to drive a $57k car for 2 years then give it back.

Also how much is the MF marked up?

Current GLC lessee here btw…

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Redesigns are simply par for the course and would have absolutely no affect on the depreciation curve of 10-year ownership of a GLC.

If a 2022 GLC is going to be worth X in ten years, it’s going to be worth X regardless of whether there’s a redesign in 2023, 2024 or 2025.

Besides, for long term ownership you want to buy the latter years of the platform, not the early years.


My MB dealer is quoting me 0.00198 on both a 24 and 36 month lease of a GLC300 AWD, sale is at MSRP. In this day and age even that seems high to me, yours is downright outrageous. 10x MSD lowers is to 0.00128, quite a deal, when you take into account that cash sitting in my bank earns sub 1% these days. They do mark up the acquisition fee somewhat, $1095, but not outrageous.

@GroovyGeek I did receive the Base MF and also the 1K fleet incentive. Picked up the GLS 450 under MSRP. Very happy with the car but my wallet NOT happy haha. But wifey is happy.

At least here in SoCal the GLC inventory is close to zero, and the ones that are available are pretty close to base model. I have inquired with every dealer south of LA and only two were willing to do MSRP, everyone else was asking at least 1% over, with one ridiculous outlier asking for 10k markup.

Curious, why are people dumping so hard on the terms of the lease. They are not great for normal years, but the MF is not bad (will come down to reasonable with 10x MSD if the OP can swing it), The residual value is on the low side (I am being quoted 56% with 12kmi/year) but overall not horrible. Is it because it is not a manly ride?

B/c why not just finance it instead?

You answered your own question in your other thread when calculated the TCO. There is no cost savings in leasing this car right now.

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Have you seen the numbers?


No one here cares about that. Hell, we get flak all the time for trying to point people towards minivans.

It’s because it’s a poor lease value.


Thx everyone for the responses. Buying is what I am leaning towards.

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